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Marin, from the eighth division until tomorrow’s match in the Federation Cup against Tottenham Hotspur Mourinho

Marin, from the Eighth Division to the Fed Cup match against Mourinho Tottenham

Once upon a time, in the late nineteenth century, there was a nice group of businessmen and former college students who had gathered one day at a hotel on the banks of the River Mersey in Waterloo, seven miles north of downtown Liverpool (not in short, Napoleon Waterloo) and decided to set up a club. for football. Then it could happen. You left home and returned with a new club in your pocket. The scene was somewhat like this: We started a soccer team. Hassan. What do we call that? Like the hotel. what’s the name of the hotel? Navy. Whether marine. This is how the Marine Football Association was born. It was 1894. The extraordinary absurdity of 127 years (that is, today) the little navy remains afloat in the mysterious English League system, that is, beneath the surface of the soccer league. It’s in the eighth series, to be exact. For a while, it set up its headquarters in Crosby, about 1.4 miles from the Foundation Hotel. The magical powers of the enduring (and enviable) footballing tradition of the subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain (and Northern Ireland).

But after. However, a month ago, Navy Breaking all logic and creating an exciting miracle. Qualified for the third round of FA cup – a legend, more than a football tournament – and tomorrow afternoon he will face a surprise, without logic, against all hypotheses, merrily, with fear, even Tottenham Hotspur Soccer led by that unparalleled overall genius Jose Mourinho. Tomorrow we go on stage in Russell Park, at home, even behind closed doors. unbelievable.

And so, who knows, for a crazy alignment of the planets, a stellar conjunction is hugely illogical, fortunately, skill, crap, because there are no more than half the seasons, because there are chemtrails, because football without fans is not football, in short, yet Everything, the sinister VentiVenti has also given us, among the many obnoxious things, also the contrast between a team with a 389-seat stadium (and 2,600 seats standing) flying from beyond the galaxies and landing in front of the brutal Tottenham.

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Then, of course, the FIFA Cup saga is filled with young clubs capable of winning glory with high starts. This is not the first time, and it will not be the last, and everything has already been seen, reviewed, commented and commented on. agree. However – the knowledgeable English sites always come to our aid – it will be the English Language Cup duel with the largest gap between categories in history. To understand this, the Eighth Division of the Marines would be opposed to Tottenham’s Premier League. It’s as if tomorrow at 12:30 AM, at Olympico, Roma have found themselves facing the city of Fuogi playing in the second category. equal.

Since he lives and lives in England (not Italy), the young Marines have the opportunity and ideas to create a worthy social system of Cabinet Chair: website, Twitter profile, Instagram, Facebook, everything. Dpcm does not emit, but we are close to it. And, logically, he immediately garnered an unexpected and multiple sympathy. Typical for those young and generally losing out in sports. Like a loving Chievo twenty years ago: he was too nice to many (but not for everyone), then he went to the Champions League and became unbearable (this time for everyone).

From social media, in December, an image – the company’s usual avatar – was poured into the universe’s most remote archipelago. It depicts a Marine porter, Bailey Basant, aged 20 weeks, smiling out of a supermarket carrying two of six packs of 33 cl beer under his arms. All this takes place on the completely unexciting pavement of Crosby, perhaps at the time of a similar curfew, on an evening of Prussian coolness, between some discarded cars, in front of a tragically bare tree, between four happy but not, frankly, fans. Joy.

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Little detail: Nobody ever wears masks or PPE, and satisfied Bailey still wears happily shorts and an orange shirt to the uniform, as well as improvised white socks tucked into unlikely skis. It is quite evident that after the qualifying win over the moving Havant and Waterloville, he did not pass his head to pass from the house or the locker room before the alcoholic celebrations began. The picture is complete with low houses without lights, deserted scaffolding, an enclosed store, and street lamps with dark yellow lamps. Only the Addams family was missing. Sure, there are more happy places – and we’ll keep saying – on Earth, but also in Europe, or just England, this seems to be noticeable without fear of denial.

However. While Italian football is lost in its scarcity among referees who are yet to be informed of Var’s presence (and directors who summon ministers to receive information on how to obtain citizenship for players), here, in all the great public chaos, England continues to give us stories to tell, a little fairy tale, A little cool, let’s continue dreaming behind the ball.

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