Maria Bell won the US figure skating title and a place in Beijing

    Maria Bell won the US figure skating title and a place in Beijing

    He said he felt so much light, warmth and joy when he saw what people wanted me to do because he did so well in the country.

    Bell, from Westminster in Colo, may remember his days as a teenager. Often he wanted to leave the game.

    She remembered that her parents once bought her a series of skating lessons and told her that she no longer wanted to attend class. His parents said: Exactly. She said they never really pushed her into the game, it really fueled her love.

    On Friday, a love for figure skating permeated Bell’s acting. During the elegant and sexy free skate of Katy Long’s “Hallelujah” version, she smiled and offered even the most challenging of items. Dressed in a bright burgundy outfit, she floated like a ballerina on the snow and slowly descended six triple jumps, as if she were weightless.

    Later, Bell admitted that he was in fact the “oldest” by the standards of women’s figure skating. But the important thing is that it is not old. If sliders are still fun, why should they have an expiration date?

    “I want to realize that skating doesn’t end at a certain age,” he said.

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