Manuela Moreno and the final story with Galliani: «You sent him to Hell .. I to Agora? I gain nothing from it »- the video

    Manuela Moreno and the final story with Galliani: «You sent him to Hell .. I to Agora?  I gain nothing from it »- the video

    Tg2 journalist Manuela Moreno has been among the most talked about in Totonomi about possible management changes at Rai with the renewal of the senior management. For her rumors predict behavior agora alone or at most by Stefano Fumagalli. But she is a guest A day like a sheep On Radio1, he doesn’t say much: «I still haven’t contacted anyone. I like what I do, – says the journalist who hosts Tg2Post, – I’m alone, free of charge and get good reviews. Then when and if any proposals arrive, I will evaluate them. But it’s not that I earn more for it Tg2Post, I am an employee with a national contract, then every day, when I drive, I earn a total of 30 euros per installment ». But in case someone asks her to host a new show on Rai, Moreno says she prefers to host solo, even though “Fumagalli is a friend.” Speaking of Fabio Fazio’s farewell from Rai, Moreno said she was sorry: “I don’t know if it was his choice or not, we have to ask him. I will gladly follow him on television, where he will go in his next stages. But I am a loyal employee of Rai ».

    The story with Galliani

    Also talking about it recently was Adriano Galliani, who interviewed Aldo Cazzolo on a website Corriere della Sera revived their relationship. The CEO of Monza also told an anecdote when he was in Ukraine to pick up Shevchenko and was cornered by prostitutes who wanted to enter his hotel room. However, he says he spent the whole time calling Moreno: «He called me and said, ‘They’re knocking on me, so what do I do?'” And me: But what do I know, barricades. Maybe he just wanted to be a little cute, I don’t know. Then, when Shiva arrived in Milan, we went to fetch him together.” However, this relationship is as good as it was some time ago: «A hundred years have passed, and he still talks about me, – complains the journalist, – he had a thousand wives in the meantime, and this thing makes me laugh. I attended it in 1999, we saw each other less than a year ago. At the end of the relationship, Galliani claimed he was the one left. But for whatever reason, Moreno says no more: «It was said sinner, not sin. I quietly sent him to hell, even if he then calls me for three months and sings me the songs of Renato Zero, from “look at me“for”friend“”. However, she maintains that there is no betrayal: «It was rather an omission, you didn’t tell me something that I found out later, we were on vacation at the sea, I discovered one thing I didn’t like so I packed my bags and said hello … Every now and then we talk and Adriano still plays A little victim in this matter ».

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