Måneskin, boom in sales volume (and 3.5 million in current account) in the range safe- Corriere.it

    Måneskin, boom in sales volume (and 3.5 million in current account) in the range safe- Corriere.it

    2021 was a magical year for Mneskin from all points of view, including sales: they made more than 2 million euros with the music production company Maneskin Empire for 20 thousand in 2020. Profits amounted to 210 thousand euros. In the bank they have a credit balance of 3.5 million in their checking account.


    These aren’t brutal numbers, but they do give an idea of ​​the progress and what 2022 will be when they benefit on the balance sheet from a significant portion of the revenue generated from their 2021 exploits (rights, trade and more), a year of victory at Sanremo and Eurovision with dumb and good. The range has over 4 billion streams across all digital platforms, 6 diamond discs, 133 platinum, 34 gold, and 40 million copies sold.

    Director and father

    Business organization and accounting for manager and ab takeovers. It is, in essence, the flexible economic and marketing structure (the Swiss epoxy of the Giglio Group deals with online commerce) that fuels and directs the great artistic success of the Roman Quartet. The talent, the passion and the glory are the franchises of Victoria de Angelis (22), Damiano David (23), Ethan Torchio (21) and Thomas Raggi (21) who have been assigned as record director Fabrizio Ferragozzo, previously from Sony for a year.

    full powers

    But the profits of glory are managed by a 59-year-old Romanian, Alessandro de Angelis, Victoria’s father who also owns the internet domain maneskin.it (and in everyday life runs a large travel agency of which he is a partner) . For him, and only for him in full power, the four of the band were entrusted to the Manskin empire, their treasury, the company in which they owned 25% each and in which the proceeds of concerts, performances, image rights (Mneskin registered trademark owner), etc. The turnover amounted to 577,000 euros in 2019 and collapsed to 20,000 in 2020 due to Covid, and has now jumped to 2.1 million. The two main items on the cost front (1.8 million) are trade-related contracts and administrative services for the company. There is no staff, Mr. De Angelis does everything and does it for free: there is no compensation for the administrator.

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