Maneskin, a special memory during the US tour


    Maneskin is celebrating a special holiday during the tour in United Syati where he will applaud them during the party!

    unstoppable success for i manskin who, having toured Europe to give unforgettable parties to the masses, left for the United States where he was expected by Jimmy Fallon who invited them to his show and where they will attend a concert in New York and Los Angeles with two concerts selling out a few hours later tickets are on sale.


    On the day of departure for New York, Monday 25 October, i manskin They celebrated an important opponent that was celebrated on social networks by fans who do not hide the thrill of their knowledge of the conquest of the United States.

    Manskin: Six years ago, the ad that changed the story of Victoria, Damiano, Thomas and Ethan

    It was October 25, 2015 when Victoria de Angelis Which, along with Thomas Rage I founded manskin welcome too Damiano David, On a Facebook group dedicated to musicians, he posted an ad to find a drummer. “I’m looking for a drummer for an indie/new wave rock band with various songs and unreleased songs already arranged”, The guitarist had written.

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    Manskin ad

    Upon Victoria’s announcement, Ethan Turchio responded to those who showed up for the date with the guitarist, Damiano and Thomas, with a special look as DeAngelis and Manskin frontman later said.

    Ethan showed up in cropped pajama track pants, a low ponytail and moustache. I admit I thought, ‘No, it can’t be himHe said Victoria in this book “Manskin – We Want To Take It All” by Gloria Imbrogno and Pietro Strada.

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    “He even wore sandals with socks: unacceptable”, he added Damiano. An important memory occurred on the day the band left for the United States, where Victoria, Damiano and Ethan E Thomas Ready to conquer stars and celebrities and celebrated by fans on social networks.

    Tiziano Ferro Maneskine

    Meanwhile, among Maneskin fans also ticked Tiziano Ferro Who announced his attendance at the band’s concert in Los Angeles on November 1, as you can see from the photo above.

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