Making it an open world would have required 15 years of development –

    Making it an open world would have required 15 years of development -

    During a long interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Producer Naoki Yoshida stated that Final Fantasy 16 He has no world open world Otherwise, there would be almost a need 15 years of development.

    Yoshi-P explains that the development team preferred to focus on other elements that they felt were more important.

    “When I played Final Fantasy I, I thought ‘this is a movie-like gaming experience,'” Yoshida said during the interview (translated by VGC). “Production, dialogue, drama, column. Sound: they were all mixed together to create the best possible gaming experience. Final should deliver.” Fantasy 16 this kind of experience.”

    “Moreover, it is necessary to understand the general scheme of the game design, taking into account the strengths of the team itself. And when I looked at these elements, I came to the conclusion: ‘I think the open world will not be suitable for what we are planning now.’

    Final Fantasy 16
    Final Fantasy 16

    Next, Yoshida talked about his goals in Final Fantasy 16 and how it would take 15 years of development to reconcile them with an open world:

    “I want the story of a hero who saves the world, because this is Final Fantasy. I want a summon to go into the wild and destroy the map. I want to launch this game as soon as possible. I can’t launch it in several pieces.”

    “If we consider these four main points, I think it is practically impossible to order everything. With a development period of 15 years, we have had the opportunity to take on the challenge of an open world. After all, it is almost impossible in terms of time and cost. A global story set in an open world.”

    “I thought the development team was interested in this point. Making what we think is the best story, in an experience that combines games and movies, doesn’t necessarily require an open world.”

    We remind you that Final Fantasy 16 will be available on PS5 in a whileSummer 2023. In the same interview, Producer Yoshida also mentioned that the game does not have turn-based fights because the guys don’t like it and gave some small peeks in the next trailer.

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