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MAIOLATI S. / General Practitioners: “The vaccine is the only path to normalcy”

MAIOLATI S. / General Practitioners:

Thanks from Mayor Tiziano Consoli for their continued commitment, Bruno Burioni: “The situation is terrible, as soon as it will be possible for us also on the field”

Mayor Tiziano Consoli

My Spontini, March 19, 2021 – Municipality of Mayolati Spontini Thanks to general practitioners to Daily service to me Population, With Work Strongly For testing who is this Emergency pandemic That is still in the acute stage.

The March 19 Th happen National Day of General Medicine Founded byThe Society for Multidisciplinary Scientific Society and Family Medicine And society, (Assimefac) for help Directing the population to adhere to the vaccine. And on this day the mayor of Mayolati Spontini, Tiziano Console, And all municipal departments have expressed Proximity to local general practitioners For their work Initially Line.

From December, in a ground floor room from Cultural center “the ovenPosted by Moie, for every twice a week, They perform regularly Rapid antigenic swabs For persons who report them according to the implications of the law: Close contacts asymptomatic DrPositives The Coronavirus diseaseAnd the Suspicious contacts Defined by the general practitioner and I Close contacts at the end of the days of isolation.

Every time they turn it on From 30 to 35 tests This results in an average of two or three positive people Coronavirus disease, It peaked on Nine positives Just yesterday, in a session March 18. Each A shift consisting of two doctors That they cooperate with, in order to receive people who arrive by car, Three volunteers from the Civil Protection Posted by Mayolate Spontini. Doctors who have joined are Raphaela PikachuAnd the Luigi Bellucci, Bruno Burioni, Raquel Carvajal, Moreno Citalia, Valentina De Tizio, Laura Grassi, Marta Doctors, Guido Bigini, Chiara Repiccini, Giuliana Santoni and Giorgio Senesi.

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Meanwhile, the Comparison Among general practitioners, andAssour Red Zone 2 And municipal administration to Vaccination campaignWith the aim, once the management of people most at risk is complete, organize it into one Single serviced seat to Media Valesina.

Bruno Burioni, PresidentAssociation of General Practitioners for the Central Vallesina Region Sergio Cassia, Insists “Everyone needs to be vaccinated as quickly as possible for every Get out of this health emergencyAnd the Terrible and regional hospital. immunization is being Lone tumor To the possibility of having Return to normal life. We cannot surrender to ourselves from 400 to 500 deaths a day. he looks like in a year Will come Delete a city With th Residents of Ancona. It will also be possible We general practitioners will be in this field To give Our contribution H Allow that Vaccinations are going at a fast pace».

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