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Luxembourg with three Italians

Luxembourg with three Italians

Today in Aversa (t, 2 p.m.) 3.20 p.m. GP A. Andreani female (4 scores, Group 3, 40,040 €, 2,060 €): 1 Berenice Bi (M. Minopoli), 2 Bella degli Dei (F. Tufano), 3 Bambu Lux (V. D’Alessandro jr), 4 Bica Dl (G. Riccio), 5 Belva Jet (G. Di Nardo), 6 Basic Gar (Pl. D’Angelo), 7 Bithia di Casei (GP. Minnucci), 8 Brezzapura Ferm (G. D’Alessandro jr), 9 Brezza du Kras (Fed. Esposito), 10 Birba Caf (E. Bellei), 11 Blue Moon (GP Maisto), 12 Bananarama Jet (not working). Favorites: Berenice Bi, Brezza du Kras, Birba Café. 16.15 GP A. Andreani men (6, Group 3, € 40,040, m.2060): 1 Bixio (V. Gallo), 2 Benjamin (M. Minopoli), 3 Bristol Cr (G. Di Nardo), 4 Bonjovi Mmg (GP. Minnucci), 5 Be Bop Ferm (G. Lo Verde), 6 Belzebù Jet (V. Longo), 7 Biagio Jet (V. D’Alessandro jr), 8 Baresi Effe (Fed. Esposito), 9 Barbacarlo (E. Bellei), 10 Bravo di Ruggi (G. Immobile), 11 Bonetto Star (G. D’Alessandro jr), 12 Boltigeur Erre (not working). Team Ratio: 1-3. Favorites: Bonjovi Mmg, Benjamin, Beelzebub Jet. TV: UnireSat Live Streaming.

Today – 16.25 Agnano-TQQ Prize in Naples (g, 6, m. 2000 pg) Grand Prize: Quinté € 2,985.93. Favorites: 2-6-9-11-5. Surprises: 1-10-8. The conference starts at 1.30 pm. He also ran to Rome (T., 13.20), Syracuse (g, 14.10). TV: UnireSat Live.

yesterday – TQQ Milan: Tris 11-14-10, 178.37 € for 46 winners; Quarté 11-14-10-8, € 642.04 for five winners; Quinte 11-14-10-8-13, Nevada

France / 1 – In jogging, today in Vincennes America’s Eve with Zlatan, Tammore Rock and Violito Gate (in the picture)This is with a very uncomfortable number 9, in Luxembourg against Dorgos de Guez & c. , And seven of our brigade holders are in “Session D” for 4 years. In the race, yesterday at Chantilly in his first handicap attempt, the first success of his career reached the 3-year-old King Power, the secret of Sakhee who was raised in Villino and belongs to “Poti France” (4 wins in 2021). Christian Demoreau (5) also scored a goal with King Hartwood in a handicap.

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Gallup yesterday in Chantilly: Handicap (23,000 euros, 2,000 cubic meters) 1. King Power (owner and coach of Alice and J. Butti), 8. Thorin Oakenshield; Virgo (25,000 euros, 1,600 cubic meters) 2. Super Sonic, 7. Gordian; Disability (20,000 euros, 1,600 cubic meters) 6. Moana; Disability (€ 20,000, 1,600 cubic meters) 2. Saga Timgad, 16. Droit de Parole. Yesterday’s hurdles in Pau: Handicap (€ 45,000, 3,800 hedges) 3. Coregaon Park. Today I jog in Vincennes: Course D (33,000 €, 2,700m) Bramante Ors, Bolero di Poggio, Benedetto Op, Buffon Zs, Brillant Ferm, Brand Roc, Boys Stecca; Prix ​​du Luxembourg (Group 3, 100000 €, 2100m Autostar) Zlatan, Tammure Roque, Violeto Gate today I jog in Saint Glammer: Session E (26,000 €, 2000 million) Etoile taille. Today’s hurdles in Pau: A / C (26,000 euros, 3,800-meter hedge) stops.

France / 2 – On the last day of the Arqana trot auction, yesterday in Deauville, all Scuderia Stecca members (Ibis de Feu, Uragano Stecca, Veleno Stecca) were withdrawn.

England – Yesterday’s enemy in Lingfield: to claim (5,524 liters, M. 1,400 astronomical) 2. Coloration. Yesterday ran in Wolverhampton: “Newbie” (5,214 lst, m. 1700 aw) 9. Zaurak.

United States of America Won yesterday at Gulfstream Park Luka Paneche (6 in 2021), with Sage Canyon on 1/31 in a “claim”.

Florence – Junior Ponte Vecchio GP (Group 3, € 40,040, AD 2020) dropped tomorrow in Visarno to twelve: Zima Jet retired, in first grade with 3, and Zef, second grade with 13. versus other lost guides: Enrico Belli on Zefiro Mobile, Enrico Viacci on First Resia Trgf. Vento Spritz will have Giuseppe Lombardo Jr. in a frowning gown in place of Roberto Andreghiti.

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