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Luna Rossa and the America’s Cup mission. Life Achievements Against the New Zealand Black Monster – OA Sport

  Luna Rossa and the America's Cup mission.  Life Achievements Against the New Zealand Black Monster - OA Sport

Now we have to try. victory Prada Cup It’s just a passing goal. Luna Rossa is a boat designed to try to win the America’s Sailing Cup. It was built to excel in light windy conditions after long, in-depth studies that found that in March, gentle breeze was prevalent in Hauraki Bay. From the start, the viewfinder has always been aimed exclusively at defenders. Patrizio Bertelli has been pursuing an incredible obsession for more than two decades. He dreams of bringing the oldest cup in the world to Italy for the first time.

For Max Sirena, a real squad is on the horizon Climbing Mount Everest. In 170 years, only four countries have won the America’s Cup: the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland (the only European that has been successful in the project). Moreover, precedents with the New Zealanders are literally shivering: 0-5 in the 2000 American Cup Final, 0-5 in the 2007 Louis Vuitton Cup Final, 1-7 in the 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup Final!

New Zealanders know the Hauraki Bay for their cards, and they have also designed an extreme boat with futuristic solutions. Evolution continues unabated and Every day Maori are amazed by news that suggests more than doubt their competitors (Click here to learn more about them.) Moreover, negotiations have been underway for weeks to achieve the next meeting America’s Cup In the Middle East: The New Zealanders will be covered entirely in petrodollars … The British team Ineos in the UK is also supposed to be the next record challenger.

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In short, it feels like a movie with a prescribed score. Red Moon He’ll have to try to take advantage of the position he’s starting from, at least according to the hosts Sacrificial victim, The classic 7-0 may already be trimmed as it did in its predecessors. The local media boast a great deal of safety, at times excessive. Perhaps he is masking the Prada Pirelli Team’s inherent anxiety? The kiwis are great connoisseurs of sailing, purebred masters. They saw the improvements the Italian fleet was able to make. From the Robin Tour to the Prada Cup Final, everything changed for the better: the boat, the understanding between the crew, the communication on the ship, the maneuvers. In addition to Luna Rossa is a versatile and versatile boat-Able not to be deformed in any windy conditions. And what about two mastiffs like James Spethyl and Francesco Bruni: The captain’s double rudder solution has proven fantastic so far, especially in the very sensitive starting stage.

this feeling In New Zealand they are convinced (or do they hope?) That they have a superior boat at their disposal, A bit like Luna Rossa with Ineos UK. However, if the values ​​were to be shown to be balanced, the outcome of the final match would become unpredictable at this point, because the Italian fleet showed such compactness and talent that it did not have to fear anyone. Obviously, Luna Rossa will start at a disadvantage, but it really happened against the British as well. Today Max Serena has dedicated the Prada Cup victory to the millions of Italians who have come to their knees due to the pandemic. Other than the three injuries, with all due respect, from New Zealand, where the ACE organizers covered the Italian team with insults simply for wanting to compete according to regulations even with Alert Level 2. Luna Rossa has a mission: Try to bring this Blessed America’s Cup to Italy, giving immense joy to the injured and fulfilling the dream of Patron Bertelli for life. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. To do this, one of the greatest achievements in the history of Italian sports will be required.

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Photo: Luna Rossa Press

Stefano Figliani’s analysis: new LUNA ROSSA parts coming from Italy

America’s Cup Calendar, LUNA ROSSA-TEAM NEW ZEALAND: Program, Dates, Times, TV

Insane: Call from Enos against Luna Rossa. All from a picture taken from Facebook!

Vasco Vascuto: “Oh my God, please give us a little wind with New Zealand!”

LUNA ROSSA: Wanted Life Work. The background with New Zealand make you soak

What do you expect from the New Zealand team? Exciting boat with innovative solutions. But in the World Series …

Luna Rossa Ineos scored 7-1

The series of events 6-1 de Luna Rossa

Farewell, Ben Ainsley: UK’s Ineos is dark in front of a red lunar eclipse. British Poria drifted away

Max Serena: “It’s dedicated to Italians who are struggling. We’re working on playing it with New Zealand”

Team New Zealand: Helmet and Crew

James Spethyl: “New Zealand, like all blacks, will be an unlimited battle.”

Francisco Bruni: “We’ll do our best to win the American Cup, it’s a promise”

Video: The specter of the New Zealand Wanderers team in the Gulf …

Video: Rigatas relive the victory of LUNA ROSSA

Video: LUNA ROSSA raises the flag. ‘Prada Cup Winner’

James Spethyl: “I have a lot of respect for Ben Ainsley.”

Video: Party on board with champagne

Video, LUNA ROSSA Awards: MAX SIRENA Lifts the PRADA Trophy to Heaven?

Ben Ansley: “Congratulations to Luna Rosa, but we’ll see you again”


Video: Victory returns to LUNA ROSSA

America’s Cup Rules

Greetings from New Zealand team to LUNA ROSSA in Maori

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Video: INEOS UK’s tribute to LUNA ROSSA

How much did LUNA ROSSA earn from winning the Prada Cup?

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