Love The Planet lands on Samsung TV Plus, Love TV’s FAST channel to fight climate change

    Love The Planet lands on Samsung TV Plus, Love TV’s FAST channel to fight climate change

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. e I love TV channels Present Love The Planet, the newest addition to the catalog Samsung Plus TV in Europe. Distributed in the major markets of the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, the new channel aims to spread awareness of climate change through dedicated streaming content. Love The Planet, created by Love TV Channels, will be available exclusively on Samsung TV Plus, a free and ad-supported streaming service from the world’s leading television manufacturer. Among the proposed content, the viewer will be able to enjoy high-profile documentaries on environmental issues and documentary series focused on sustainability projects, as well as shows such as “Australia On Fire: Climate Emergency” and “Pridelands: Wilderness Reborn” by Blue Ant Global,” Nature = Future” by Ampersand, “Youth Unstoppable” by Off The Fence, the acclaimed Java Films documentary “The Carnivore’s Dilemma” and Ananda’s award-winning “Looking Forward”.

    Love The Planet will take the viewer on a journey of sustainability, along with the climate activists who work every day to preserve the well-being of our planet. He will thus discover the technological innovations that contribute to the development of a sustainable world and the potential impact of individual actions, finding inspiration to pursue a more ecological lifestyle.

    According to one Research by Appinio and Climate Partner, 75% of Europeans believe that global warming should be a priority and 40% declare that they are willing to change their travel and eating habits in order to protect the ecosystem. A growing awareness fuels the value of anniversaries such as Earth Day, now in its 53rd edition, an annual celebration of goals achieved by the environmental movement as well as an opportunity to draw attention to the need to protect the planet. The launch of Love The Planet honors Earth Day 2023.

    “We want to help spread the message about the climate emergency, but from a positive point of view. So we focus on content, with stories that inspire the public to make greener life choices,” commented Teresa Lopez, Co-Founder and CEO of Love TV Channels.

    Lopez’s voice is added to that of Co-Founder and President of Love TV Channels, Jacinto Rocca, who announces: “By engaging with viewers who understand the importance of an environmental issue, Love The Planet provides brands the opportunity to share their contribution to the cause and connect directly with a rapidly growing audience that cares about this issue.” the case “.

    “The recent success of FAST Solutions can be attributed to their unique ability to deliver niche broadcast products alongside the most popular products such as sports, entertainment and news,” said Jennifer Baty, European Head of Content Acquisition at Samsung Advertising. – Love The Planet is an exclusive new in-depth channel, through which environmentally conscious audiences can discover content aligned with their interests. However, for advertisers it presents a clear opportunity to connect with this desired audience in a convenient space.”

    FAST channels like Love The Planet provide brands with an engaging, unique, and safe context for sophisticated, targeted TV campaigns that are able to reach audiences that champion and support the environmental cause. Alex Hall, Vice President and General Manager, Samsung Electronics Europe, concludes that the benefit to advertisers of having access to data-driven insights into viewers’ interests is unparalleled.

    Love TV offers a range of thematic TV channels, with the best selection of premium content, which have been studied and programmed by the team to entertain and engage segmented audiences who are passionate about niche topics. For more information visit Love TV Channels website.

    Through this collaboration, Samsung Electronics is demonstrating its commitment to embedding sustainability into the brand’s products and technology experience. Find out more about Samsung sustainability.

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