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Lottery receipts, raffle May 13th: Winners and Prizes

Lotteria degli scontrini, estrazione dell'8 aprile: come sapere se hai vinto

Lottery receipt, today May 13 extracted from 10 winning codes for the monthly contest N ° 3 – 2021. 10 prizes each of 100 thousand euros for holders of receipts issued from 1 to 30 April and 10 prizes worth 20 thousand euros for merchants participating in the initiative.

Winning Tokens

Here is the tweet from the Customs and Monopoly Agency With the winning tokens in the draw for May 13, 2021.

How to participate

Alaa the lottery All adults residing in Italy who, outside of doing business, art or profession, purchase goods or services for at least 1 euro of electronic spending from operators who then transfer fees electronically. To participate, simply show your lottery code at the time of purchase. It is an alphanumeric bar code that can be obtained by entering your tax code into the lottery portal (www.lotteriadegliscontrini.gov.it). It is important that you take it with you every time you go out shopping and supply it to the store owner at the time of payment.

If the expense amount is equal to at least 1 euro e Payment is made by electronic means (Credit cards, debit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, cards and applications connected to special payment circuits and limited usability), the electronic receipt sent by the merchant electronically will produce a virtual ticket for every euro spent, with a maximum of 1000 tickets per receipt in an amount equal to or more than 1000 euros.

If the amount spent is greater than 1 euro, any decimal number greater than 49 cents will still produce another virtual ticket.

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After extracting the winning tickets, the Customs and Monopolies Agency will track the lottery code associated with the extracted ticket to the buyer’s tax code and the merchant’s VAT number. Cash purchases, online purchases, those for which an invoice is issued, and those for which the operator provides the tax code or health card for tax deduction or deduction purposes, cannot participate in the lottery.

Winnings are sent via certified e-mail (certified e-mail) to the sender address in the reserved area of ​​the lottery portal, and in the absence of a certified e-mail, the contact is sent by registered letter with an acknowledgment of the receipt. The letter will indicate the obligation to go, within 90 days, to the appropriate customs and monopoly agency office based on the individual’s residency or tax residence. The prize will be received directly by bank or postal transfer.

Therefore prizes must be claimed within 90 days of announcing the win, otherwise they will be reallocated.

The monthly draws will be conducted every second Thursday of the month, among all the tickets obtained by transfer that were registered by the lottery system in the month preceding the raffle. The weekly draws will be added from June. Finally, the annual draw, with a prize value of 5 million euros for the buyer and one million euros for the operator, in which all tickets resulting from payments transferred and registered in the lottery system compete from January 1 to December 31 of each year. The first annual draw – which will take place at the beginning of 2022 – will compete with all tickets created from February 1 to December 31, 2021. A provision by the Director General of the Customs and Monopolies Agency will determine the date of the year. draw.

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How to collect your winnings

Winnings will be announced via Pec or via registered mail. Winners will then have three months from the date of notification of winning to claim the prize at the office of the competent customs and monopoly agency based on their residency or tax domicile. The prize will be received by bank or postal transfer and is not subject to tax.

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