Lost Village 2022: When Music Meets Progress

    Lost Village 2022: When Music Meets Progress

    The UK Festival became one of the first events in the UK to create a new audiovisual experience using NFT.

    With the arrival of the Internet, the world has developed at almost zero speed. Concepts of experience, socialization, and engagement have adapted to the new media forms born with the arrival of the digital age.

    In recent years, new realities have been born that modify reality itself, and create new social dynamics that we can hardly ignore. In this scenario of change and evolution, the music sector also becomes an integral part of the process of digitizing the collective experience.

    This is the case of Lost Village which, during the 2022 edition, gave life to a new audiovisual experience through the use of NFT.

    NFT It is an acronym which means Non-Fungible Code And it is nothing more than a way to uniquely identify a digital product created on the Internet. These symbols are nowadays a kind of development of the art world, in digital form. So we can understand how this new way of understanding art inevitably affects the world of electronic music.

    The Lost Society 2022 It is the result of the union between music and digitization, especially between festival lost village Ticket sales start Sealab. This project enabled participants to understand what the festivals of the future will look like using NFT technology for next generation events.

    The experience in question was only available to people who had downloaded the mobile app SealabCreate a new account and order a Lost Society 2022 NFT card.

    Members of the Lost Society received clues about the installation, where and how to get there while preparing for the festival. The goal was to create the feeling of discovering something unique with these new digital art forms.

    Needless to say, the experiment was a success on all fronts. We just have to find out what the future holds for the entertainment world.

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