Losing Weight on the Treadmill, How to Burn More Calories: Shocking Results

    Losing Weight on the Treadmill, How to Burn More Calories: Shocking Results

    When you exercise on a treadmill, you can burn more calories than usual — try these methods, and you’ll get shocking results.

    Running on a treadmill (Photo Pexels)

    The treadmill is undoubtedly one of the most used tools by those who want to lose weight. With this contraption, it is possible to reproduce walking or even running: The speed is set-You can change the intensity, you can also change the level of the floor. The latest ones have many interesting functions and monitor various parameters, including lost calories.

    When an individual decides to exercise, he also evaluates how many calories he can lose with a particular exercise. But be warned: The treadmill display can provide a guide number. do physical activity on the “mat”, You can burn more calories: Actually some techniques are enough. Let’s see together how to maximize results and how to change your training concept.

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    Losing Weight on the Treadmill: Techniques to Burn More Calories

    Running on a treadmill (Photo from Instagram)

    Those who want to lose weight must first of all pay attention to their diet: however, other criteria must also be evaluated, including the training time. To lose weight, experts recommend doing sports in the morning. Having made this little premise, it’s good to know that the calories lost that appear on the screen or on your smartwatch only represent a number.

    With a few tricks, it is actually possible to burn more calories and reach your goals in a relatively shorter time. Let’s see together what needs to be done to improve your mat training.

    • For one thing, maybe Swing your arms while running. It is best to bend your elbows to 90 degrees and make short swings back and forth. As you improve the movement, you can do so even with small weights.
    • Change your running speed. Varying speed consumes more calories: Experts suggest alternating a fast pace (between 11 and 13 km/h) with a slower pace, alternating for the duration of the workout.
    • also slope varies It’s a great thing to do. You don’t need to re-create a silly climb: just swing the slope down 1 or 2%.
    • Recreate a route Finally it is something extraordinary. Replace three minutes of running with three minutes of weight training: the results on your body will be amazing.

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