London towards the coronation of King Charles. All exhibitions of the royal family in the British capital

    London towards the coronation of King Charles.  All exhibitions of the royal family in the British capital

    LONDON – There are only a few weeks left until the coronation of King Charles III, which is scheduled for Saturday 6 May. The United Kingdom already has such a festive atmosphere that there are more and more initiatives to accompany the millions of people, hundreds of thousands of tourists who will flock to the English capital, towards its climax when the 74-year-old former Prince of Westminster Abbey in Wales will officially become (because he is, in fact, already) The new ruler. To get to the heart of the action, here’s a list of the many exhibitions and shows revolving around the world of the royal family. One of these, in particular, will attempt to answer one of the questions asked by the most curious: will the future monarch respect tradition by choosing to cover the journey from Buckingham Palace to the abbey in a sparkling white horse-drawn carriage and staff in livery or to send a message of greater adaptation to modern times Will he focus on a luxury car?

    Pending an answer to the question, it will already be possible to plunge into the world of historical chariots that have transported members of the royal family of England over the past seven generations. For a few weeks, until October 30, Buckingham Palace opened its royal stables to the general public Royal MuseShowcasing more than ten carriages still in use today for all the overland excursions of both crowned heads and their families. It will also be interesting to discover all the work that goes into every day to keep it shiny, functional and ready for use at any time. Just as curious it would be to cross the section devoted to the formal uniforms and suits worn by the personnel charged with maneuvering the chariots that have evolved aesthetically over the decades, almost following the fashions of the period. Of the various Royal carriages, the one who occupies the place of honor is certainly the Gold State Coach, the most important and most important, by its dimensions, of all the carriages on display. For 260 years, it was used for any coronation starting with the coronation of George IV which took place on July 19, 1821, to the last time history remembers it: Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953. The colossal vehicle measures seven by 3.6 meters long, weighs four tons and needs eight horses to pull it. It features exquisitely painted panels of Roman gods and goddesses by Florentine artist Giovanni Battista Cipriani, richly gilded carvings including three putty roofs representing England, Scotland and Ireland, and four huge tritons atop each wheel. Another very impressive piece is the Diamond Jubilee State Coach, designed to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the recently deceased Queen, and used for the first time at the annual opening of proceedings in Parliament in Westminster on June 4, 2014. Built in Australia, it combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology: an aluminum frame And thanks to six hydraulic stabilizers, it makes the vibrations typical of a horse-drawn carriage almost imperceptible. On screen, not only are these types of vehicles present, but there are also others that are propelled by combustion engines. Also parked in the different spaces of the exhibition was one of the state limousines, obtained from the now abandoned historic stables: a Rolls-Royce weighing no less than 4 tons with a 7-liter engine, clearly an accessory worthy of its passengers.

    A Rolls-Royce of the royal family

    A few days before the coronation of King Charles III, another themed exhibition will open on April 21, and run until October 8, once again in the halls of Buckingham Palace titled Style and society in the era of the Georgian era that show clothes and objects but also paintings that tell of that specific historical period associated with the succession of rulers who chose Giorgio as their first name, from the first born in the middle of the seventeenth century to the fourth born about a hundred years later, dictating the fashions and ways of enjoying life in the following decades until today this. On display are the original and glamorous dresses worn at court but also the more modest and practical dresses from the a laundries. The aim of this initiative is to highlight how the Georgian era was a revolutionary period of commerce, travel and technological innovations across England that fueled fashion trends at all levels of society, not only in the country but also in the rest of Europe. Paintings, prints and drawings by artists including Gainsborough, Zoffany and Hogarth, as well as luxurious fabrics, jewellery, and a range of accessories, from snuffboxes to swords, will be the protagonists of the gallery divided into different thematic rooms.

    Also under the coronation title, the new tour was organized insideWestminster Abbey Titled “The Church and the Crown”. Explore the different elements and moments of the coronation as set forth in Liber Regalis, the manuscript of the coronation ceremony. Your guide will also ask you to remove your shoes to stand on the Cosmati mosaic, laid in 1269 for Henry III and the site of every coronation since, including the upcoming coronation of King Charles III. The peculiarity of this work of art is dictated by the fact that it was created by the famous Romanian Cosmati family, one of the most famous in the Middle Ages. In 1258 Richard de Wer, Abbot of Westminster Abbey, went to the Pope to receive confirmation of his new role. The meeting with Alexander IV took place at Anagni and it was there that the English religious was so amazed by the beauty of the cathedral’s mosaics that he returned to his hometown with a load of marble and experts to create the now famous Westminster Cosmati mosaics, as a tribute and symbol of power towards the king of the time, Henry III. In addition to the mosaics, you can visit the chapel that houses the Coronation Chair, where you can learn about the story of its creation. Whilst until September 30 the Chapter House Coronation Gallery will remain open inside the Abbey, showing things relating to this very moment which, as might be expected, have been taking place in Westminster for a thousand years.

    Royal Muse

    From the 5th of April until the 29th of October, Kensington Palace Within Hyde Park, you will host ‘Crown to Couture’ and will explore the royal family’s influence on fashion on a global scale by comparing dresses worn at court over the centuries, to dresses worn on red carpets, on stage or during a gala. International superstar events over the past few years. This is the largest exhibition ever held inside the historic residence of Lady Diana, which was chosen immediately after her divorce from Carlo. More than 200 pieces are on display, including the voluminous green dress Lady Gaga wore to the MTV Awards, or the always stunning dress Thom Browne designed for Lizzo at the 2022 Met Gala, complete with a gold jacket and cape. Also on display is the Monique Lhuillier dress worn by Phoebe Waller-Bridge at the Emmys in 2019 and the Sun God costume worn by Billy Porter in 2019. Among the historic dresses, of note is the Rockingham Mantua made in 1760 for Lady Mary, Marchioness of Rockingham, wife of the British Prime Minister Charles Watson Wentworth.

    Another curious exhibition, perhaps less connected with the imminent coronation, but still an expression of the costumes and customs of the royal family, takes place in the Wallace Collection, also in the English capital, until June 25, and is open every day with free admission. On view the famous relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and her dogs So kind is Pembroke Wells, that he has as many as thirty in his 70-year reign. This special initiative celebrates through imagery the unique bond the Queen has with her beloved dogs. Each decade of his life is marked by a single image that embodies the majesty of the king and his love for that particular dynasty.

    Another place that you plan to visit if you want to experience the coronation of King Charles III is the famous Claridge’s Hotel, one of the most unique and historic hotels in London. Inside Archives writer Kate Hudson unearthed memorabilia recounting the most notable moments in the hotel’s history associated with those of the royal family. An exhibition on the ground floor, which can be visited for free, shows how the royal family over the course of the building’s 200-year history has come to celebrate some of the most important events, leaving memories in their hands. Like pages from Queen Victoria’s diaries, the festive fans the hotel created in 1911 for the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary, and the menu and cocktail cards created for the coronation of King George VI in 1937 and Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

    two Events scheduled instead for the post-coronation period. The first will concern the Tower of London when an exhibition opens at the House of Jewels from May that will include a new series of pieces with the aim of exploring the very close link between jewels and the royal family, including many precious stones. that adorn the crowns, and are often associated with important historical events. The second concerns the traditional opening of Buckingham Palace, which is scheduled this year on July 14 for a period of only eight weeks, that is, until September 24.

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