London opens the gates of heaven

    London opens the gates of heaven

    Organizing a trip to London, at any time of the year and in all seasons, is always an excellent idea. In fact, the capital of England and the United Kingdom is an enthusiastic and lively city that never ceases to amaze with its very rich artistic, historical and cultural heritage.

    The things to do and to see Here are a lot, starting with Big Ben, the iconic clock tower, through Westminster Abbey and the majestic Parliament Buildings, and Continue to the Thames and the London Eye ferris wheel.

    However, now there is another reason to reach out Cosmopolitan English city, and is presented by a truly amazing exhibition opening. More than just an exhibit, Heaven’s Gate is a truly immersive experience The gates of heaven open.

    London opens the gates of heaven

    If you plan to organize a Journey to London This winter, you can’t include an itinerary either Visit to Outernet. Located in London’s West End, this interactive area has become a real reference point for all technology enthusiasts. It is not only an area used for leisure and entertainment, but an area The largest digital exhibition space in Europe Which includes the largest LED screens in the world.

    Screens with majestic elevations and tunnels exclusively of LED lights have become tools for telling, communicating and sharing Art through the use of technology. And this is happening so far, on the occasion of the openingImmersive, 3D artwork Created by an Italian artist.

    Its name is Heaven’s Gate, and it is the exhibition that bears the signature of Marco Brambilla. A visual, immersive and 3D masterpiece being shown for the first time in Europe in the spaces of the London Outernet. Much more than just a digital display, but a real one Sensory and total experience Which allows guests to enter paradise perfectly.

    Heaven’s Gate, the immersive exhibition by Marco Brambilla

    It is a monumental, digital and sensory masterpiece that illuminates the UK’s winter capital and spacesLondon Uternet. From January 22 through February 26, artist Marco Brambilla’s works will be wide open The gates of heaven To ensure access to citizens and travelers arriving in the West End.

    Created as a virtual reality experience, the action goes uphill thanks to Wode 16k screens It occupies four floors of the building. The projections are intense, lucid, and emotional and represent the typical settings for Hollywood Dream Factory. The images are sumptuous and sumptuous, but they are a satirical version of those same settings, and they are too beautiful, charged, and saturated to bear.

    The work comes to life within the spaces through a video collage featuring psychedelic and hyper-saturated images that tell the story of iconic moments in cinema history, which soar upwards and on several levels, giving a sense of vertigo and bewilderment and that offer, at the same time, a suggestive and seductive vision.

    Heaven’s Gate, as we expected, has opened in the London Outernet and will be open to visitors End of February 26th.

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