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London does not recognize the diplomatic status at the European Union embassy: it is a conflict

London does not recognize the diplomatic status at the European Union embassy: it is a conflict

London A few days after the conclusion of Brexit, there is the first diplomatic issue between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Because London, a year after the divorce agreement regarding Britain’s exit from the European Union, does not want to recognize the full diplomatic status of the first European Union ambassador in the British capital, Joao Valle de Almeida44. On the other hand, it is willing to grant limited status and immunity, and is therefore inconsistent with the principles of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961. An offer today also confirmed by a spokesman for the British Prime Minister Boris JohnsonWhich were rejected by the European feluccas and Brussels because they were considered “unacceptable”.

According to what they report Republic According to the European delegation’s sources, the danger of the controversial British position is to “create a dangerous precedent: not so much for the new European Union representation in London but for those in more complex countries where the diplomatic rights and the immunity rights guaranteed by the Vienna Agreement are essential: let’s think about Iran.” “If the United Kingdom sends a similar message that European diplomats do not deserve the same rights, other countries can follow suit, and in certain regions of the world, the consequences could be dire.” The paradox: The representatives and officials of the European Union are fully recognized with the rights of the Vienna Convention in 142 countries around the world, including China, Iran and Venezuela, as is the case with any other sovereign country. In this global context, the United Kingdom would thus be the only country to voluntarily deny this immunity.

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London, in addition to repeating the offer of limited immunity, responded that it could not grant full status because it would create a “precedent” for which other organizations would claim the same and this would open up the “spread” of recognition requests from the Vienna Convention. A rather bold justification, because the European Union is the only political organization in the world that enjoys this hybrid status of collective and popular representation, with a flag and currency for most of its members, an international parliament, an executive such as the European Council, etc. But Downing Street appears not to realize this, although it denies the existence of “anti-Europeanism” in keeping with Brexit at the base.

The European head of the shop commented: “I know the London stories” Michel Barnier, “They think they see us as any international organization, but we are a union and the British have been part of it for 47 years. I really hope that a solution is found. It will also be useful in London.” In mid-2018, until the President of the United States Donald Trump It has lowered the diplomatic status of the European Union’s representation, in one form or another in line with the standards on which the UK is based today. But then, in March 2019, the former president’s administration took a step back, describing the European Union as “a very important organization and one of Washington’s main partners” to ensure global security and prosperity.

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