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Lombardy, Ballet Data on Astrazeneca exemptions. Moratti: “I’m at 5%.” For the CEO you nominate, they reach “15%”

  Lombardy, Ballet Data on Astrazeneca exemptions.  Moratti:

at Lombardy Percentage of people who Refusal The vaccine AstraZeneca Arrived in 15 percent And the trend is “growing”. Actually no, it just canceled 5% And “there is no warning.” Two completely opposite portraits of the situation featured from the same section, the Picture of Well-Being. General Director Giovanni PaveseAnd the Appointed by an advisor and vice president of the district Letizia Moratti Last FebruaryThe Health Committee stated that “up to now, 15% of the population has gone to our vaccination centers Refusal“Anglo-Swedish home serum”, but we have a feeling it is Increasing percentagePavese stressed, who then repeated what the consequences are: Whoever decides to say no, it ends At the bottom of the list. However, on the same day, Moratti released a note in which he gave completely different numbers, and changed the volume of the alert triggered by his CEO. “Until now Less than 5% Of the citizens Who will be vaccinated with this vaccine to actually refuse administration. Confirmation of Confidence It is laid down in science and doctors by our citizens who adhere in an ideal way to the vaccination phase that aims to combat and Earn the epidemic“.

Therefore, the advisor denies that there is a warning to waive, but confirms it “in context anamnesisOur doctors get one The demand for insights is increasing On AstraZeneca by citizens who, however, thanks to the competence, clarity and reassurance of the medical staff, are accepted in Almost the college These tones are completely different from those used by dg Pavesi in the committee: in his opinion the refusal of AstraZeneca vaccine is “a difficult issue, a phenomenon which has become in recent days more important Than we can think. ”After all, he adds,“ I have received reports from important vaccination centers, there a lot of people He rejects them. ”Nevertheless, Pavese stressed,“ We ​​must assure people that we are there Millions Europeans Who were vaccinated with AstraZeneca and this did not cause any kind of rebound. It is a vaccine Certainly e usableHowever, Pavese assured him, “If there are critical assessments in the medical history, we can make it Pfizer vaccineIn all other cases, “if there are no such reasons, We put them back on the waiting list“.

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As for the school staff, Moratti General Manager explained, “He is at the front of the school teachersIf it’s not totally safe, we have one coverage Very strong. In general, come on 258,000 teachers Or education sector employees in Lombardy, we vaccinated her 216 milesAnd the About 84%. In the lost 16%, there is also a minority portion that cannot be vaccinated with AstraZeneca due to A series of diseasesHe added again during his hearing at the Regional Council Health Committee. These people will be summoned at a later time and kidnapped Pfizer“.

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