Liz Truss, the new Conservative leader who will lead the United Kingdom

    Liz Truss, the new Conservative leader who will lead the United Kingdom

    Liz Truss, the new leader of the British Conservative Party

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    At the end of a heated summer election campaign, Liz Truss is elected to lead the Conservative Party. Tomorrow will be nominated as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by Queen Elizabeth. A rise that culminates in a political process characterized by a rapid rise to the top Tories And punctuated by radical changes of opinion.

    Key facts

    • In the internal election of the Conservative Party, Liz Truss He defeated six rival candidatesincluding the former head of the Treasury Rishi Sunak.
    • Since entering Parliament in 2010, Truss has held various positions in the governments of David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson. In another executive it was Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.
    • During the election campaign within the party, Truss promised to bring Radical reforms Cheapincluding reduce taxes Exceptional profits for energy companies. An entry is also excluded new taxes or use “alms“to process inflationary crisis.
    • Rishi Sunak has accused Truss of evading scrutiny over his tax plan. According to the former head of the Treasury, this will not be realistic and will fuel the inflationary process.


    For the first time in her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth name will Premier in his Scottish region Balmoral Not at Buckingham Palace.

    what are you expecting

    Sunak I have declared In the BBC that he will remain an MP and support the new British Government in whatever post he is asked to fill. He also did not rule out a new Conservative Party leadership candidacy in the future.

    the background

    Truss’ election to lead the Conservative Party puts an end to Hot summer for conservativesYes, they are data to be made to replace Boris Johnson. Now former british prime minister to resign From office in early July, after several Scandals This led to a mass exodus of his cabinet ministers. Sunak with Health Minister Sajid Javid, Launched For a long series of resignations, Johnson’s integrity was cast into question. Despite strong (political and public) pressure to leave, Johnson remains Prime Minister to this day, presiding over the Cabinet Paralyzed government. Over the summer, the former Conservative Party leader came under fire for his actions Very long Holiday at the time it should be Represent To face the cost of living crisis.

    What you don’t expect

    Liz Truss hasn’t always been conservative: In the past, she was registered with the Liberal Democrats. During his studies, he held the position of President of the Liberal Democratic Party of the University of Oxford. At the 1994 conference he also expressed anti-monarchist positions. Two years later she joined the Conservative Party. Radical change of opinion about Britain’s exit from the European UnionFrom Remain promoter to staunch supporter of leaving the European Union. Its inconsistency has led to many observers over the years to wonder Whether his beliefs are supported by political ideas or comfort.

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