Lives to the fullest, Angel has lost 130 kg: today he is unrecognizable πŸ‘€


    One of Lives on the Edge’s former protagonists, Angel Parrish, practically became someone else after the show ended. His transformation is really amazing.

    Some of the Lives at the Limit heroes, seen years later, Literally unrecognizable. Their transformations are nothing short of incredible, and their rebirth, both internal and external, is very visible.

    Live on the edge of an angel
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    In fact, the path taken in the show really represents them A rebirth in many cases, a rebirth, the beginning of a new life.

    The purpose of all patients Written by Dr. Yonan Nozardan Who go to his famous site now clinic in houston It’s just: to completely change your lifestyle.

    All of them, in fact, Start from an awkward position at the very least: Their starting weight is generally between 250 and 350 kg, and their physical condition prevents them from making even seemingly insignificant movements, such as climbing stairs.

    We’ve seen some of them unable to get in a car, others not being able to shower instead, and then many of them practically living in bed. That’s why their request is a real plea for help.

    Then they all came to Doctor Now, Follow a specific process: They start with the diet, which they have to follow submissively in order to start the first weight loss and only when this happens can they undergo gastric bypass to complete the weight loss.

    However, as we expected, there are many patients who are practically unrecognizable after following this path. One of them is Angel Parrish, who after participating in Lives on the Edge really looks like someone else.

    Live on the Edge: Angel Parrish’s Transformation

    When Angel Parrish arrives at Dr. Now the shooting of Vite on the Edge has begun He was 42 years old And its weight is exactly 258 kg.

    Live on the edge of an angel
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    It is clear, as it happens to practically all the participants of the show, that a woman can no longer lead a β€œnormal” life because of her weight, and for this she decided that it was time for a radical change.

    A case very similar to his, for example, was a case Marla McGrantz, whose transformation was amazing.

    Owners, as per protocol, I started with diet and exercise and then underwent gastric bypass.

    I was 2015 In which he participated was the third season of the program. Seven years have passed since then, her life has completely changed and in fact this drastic change affects her too: today Barish looks practically a different person.

    Indeed, already during his participation in Vite al confine, It lost 130 kg.

    Throughout this time he will likely have lost more, continue to eat a healthy diet and move as much as possible. However, the results can be seen and how.

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