Likely month of release by known insiders? –

    Likely month of release by known insiders?  –

    Discussion on the ResetEra forum, known insider (if you can define it that way) Clopril It may have reported a release month Redfalla new Arkane game set for 2023 on PC and Xbox, is coming to Xbox Game Pass, with a word game that seems to indicate May 2023 as a potential launch.

    In response to another forum user who was suspecting a further delay to Redfall, which would have run into fall 2023, Klobrille replied in an ambiguous manner, writing in English “I Could I don’t agree with that”, or “I might disagree with this”. However, the pun in English is centered around the word ‘May’ which also means ‘May’, which is also accentuated by the use of a capital letter.

    Obviously, it is an indication of May 2023, which could therefore be the release period of Redfall, which will also return with some of the information that has been leaked so far. Klobrille is definitely a subject close to Microsoft’s domain, even if he’s not exactly a journalist or insider, so the information should still be seen as a vague rumor.

    However, it will return with all the rumors that have surfaced so far about the release of Redfall, which was initially scheduled for March 2023 and then seems to have been pushed internally for a month and a half, which may already be set in the month. In May 2023. Anyway, at the moment all information that does not have anything official, is waiting for information from Microsoft and Bethesda.

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