Like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette… The storm is on Macron and Brigitte

    Like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette…  The storm is on Macron and Brigitte

    Harsh criticism of his continued appearance during the last World Cup, Emmanuel Macron She still receives negative judgments from the people and the French press.

    Indeed, the affair of La Sablière, land south of the Grand Canal, broke out in a garden Versailles Palace, as the building staff was used for some time to grow vegetables for their own consumption. One of the recent news is that the garden that the park workers put up will soon be demolished to be put in another place. the reason? As often happens, we have an official version and an unofficial one. The unofficial one, as it is easy to guess, is about Macron and his wife.

    Like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

    French newspaper Release Rumor reports that Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte are the protagonists of the story. It seems that the two like to spend their free time in lanterns, a hunting lodge in the Versailles region. It is one of the two official retreats of the President of the French Republic. Macron and his wife often stay in the building, which, coincidentally, borders Land It was made agriculturally by the employees of Versailles.

    Park agents, he explains ReleaseYou must pass by Macron’s residence to get therevegetable garden. Over the years, the plot of land was used extensively to grow seasonal vegetables, and there were also chickens and small farm animals. There is even talk of parties and barbecues organized by park employees and their families.

    The strong suspicion is that Macron did not like this tireless presence to the ground. There are real rumors complaints by the presidential couple, annoyed by the constant comings and goings. It reveals the tireless comings and goings Release“,”It would disturb the serenity of the presidential couple when they come to Lanterne“.

    Hence, the decision of the Palace of Versailles administration to move the garden to another location, and to demolish the already existing one. The news was passed to the staff only a few weeks ago, and it was not handled well. The workers at the estate speak to the major French newspapers, expressing their displeasure. “They clearly loved castle lifeSomeone comments on Release.

    while the direction The Versailles is quick to deny some of the rumours, there are whispers against Macron, and it seems the couple has actually been dubbed Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

    park move? reorganization

    After the unofficial version, here is the official version. The park will be destroyed and moved to another place because in the summer of 2024 the park of Versailles will host equestrian competitions scheduled for the next day. Olympic Games. The estate had to be reorganized, hence the shift in agriculture.

    No trouble from Macron. The presidential couple will not be involved at all in the administration’s decision to relocate farmland. Not only. According to the estate’s head gardener, Mr Alan Baratton, the new site would be better, as it was safer and more accessible. The new vegetable garden will be created near the Palazzo del Trianon.

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