Lights and Shadows from the Netflix series

    Lights and Shadows from the Netflix series

    A few days after the official appearance of Drive To Survive Season 4 (Scheduled for release on Friday, March 11th), the Netflix docu series that tells the behind-the-scenes setting of the Formula 1 world, comes as a surprise to another opinion being added to critics’ increasingly large list. If, in recent months, it has caused quite a stir there World Champion Max Verstappen picks to avoid interviews From the broadcast giant’s squad, today Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, a Indirectly confirms the opinion of the Dutch opponent. Common starting point? The way the events are described, is sometimes too romantic and disconnected from the true succession of sporting events.

    F1 2022, Drive To Survive 4 ملصق PosterF1 2022, Drive To Survive 4 ملصق Poster

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    Drive for survival lights and shadows In short, more entertainment than a documentary, Drive To Survive continues to divide its fan audience, despite having the indisputable advantage of bringing many newer generations to the circus, especially in the United States. “I remember watching the first few episodes – The Austrian manager, head of Mercedes’ Formula 1 experience since 2013, explained to the newspaper Irish Independentand hated them. I never wanted to point a camera at my face, but gradually we got used to it. Now it is clear that The series has become very popular all over the worldTo bring a new and young audience to become passionate about Formula 1“.

    Wolf as VerstappenReally, in the end you hate seeing yourself – then added Toto Wolff, in effect confirming the thesis that led Verstappen not to give any interview to Netflix – within the series. They try to shift the narrative of events in favor of the story, and the montage brings together situations that never happened. I imagine that, as the protagonists of these events, we must say that things went differently from what she was told. But they make good entertainment. A new dimension of entertainmentMercedes (with Ferrari) entered the direct story of Drive To Survive starting in season two: Following these considerations by Wolff, which in the past defended the docu . seriesIs it possible to expect a shutdown of the Netflix cameras in light of the possible fifth release?

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