LG Electronics continues its commitment to start operating in a socially impactful and entrepreneurial community

    LG Electronics continues its commitment to start operating in a socially impactful and entrepreneurial community

    rayse January 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Next phase of pioneering incubation program announced on eve of CES® The 2022 LG Electronics North America Innovation Center, LG NOVA, highlights startups that demonstrate conceptual validity for innovative technologies and business ideas that will pave the way for a more environmentally friendly, accessible and connected future.

    To start projects in the regions Connected Health, Mobility Activation, Smart Lifestyle, Metaverse e Innovation for Impact, LG specializes in more than 1 million dollars In seed funding for selected LG NOVA winners Initial challenge. The Proto Challenge was a preliminary competition in preparation for a large-scale LG NOVA Global Challenge, future mission. It is expected that companies will receive financing in this round in the future future mission Launching the Challenge Program in January with other companies selected from the completed application process October 27, 2021.

    At CES® 2022, LG highlighted key findings from a number of noteworthy startup projects:

    XRHealth, company in health related In partnership with LG NOVA to pilot virtual reality treatment rooms that provide highly innovative telemedicine services and help improve the overall quality of telemedicine in supportive retirement and continuing care communities in united. XRHealth integrates immersive VR/AR technology, licensed physicians, and advanced data analytics on a single platform, providing a complete curative care solution and enabling patients to receive care from the comfort of their own home.

    Working with LG NOVA to integrate into the growing LG Connected Home system, full of spark It is developing a consumer Internet of Things device for the home that will allow users to monitor and manage the charging on their electric vehicles and provide autonomy with the press of a button or a simple voice command when they need it. SparkCharge aims to remove the friction and limitations inherent in the use of electric vehicles by creating a convenient and cost-effective way for all-electric vehicle owners to charge their electric vehicles. By integrating LG ThinQ™ into the proposed project, users will experience the ease with which they can use their electric vehicles, at home or on the road.

    Mayamd Launches a pilot program for an AI digital health assistant using LG Smart TVs to make it easier for people to engage in active conversations about their health on devices in their homes. With a focus on cardiac health care and cardiology as a starting point, MayaMD and LG NOVA will use this pilot model to measure the effectiveness of their patient information service directly from their televisions. The project goal is to better understand how to increase health care participation in the home and create services that make it easier and more convenient for people to access health information to help them live healthier lives.

    Creating a product training app with LG NOVA is iQ3ConnectThe first step to creating new business applications and services in Metaverse. With the goal of driving real-world business transformation, iQ3Connect technology is the digital fabric that enables organizations to create, deliver, and use complex business applications in the Metaverse. Enabling companies to harness the power of the Metaverse for training products and other applications will reduce operating costs, improve trainee retention, and help achieve sustainability goals.

    I3M Partnering with LG NOVA to develop and publish a unique, ultra-realistic virtual travel and tourism experience. The experiential experience will provide new and engaging experiences of entertainment, inspiration, information and shopping before, during and after the trip. I3M offers businesses and brands rapid AI-driven creation, integrated virtual and real-time commerce, and intuitive self-management and content control for a private, interoperable, secure, and open-to-all Metaverse.

    No more passwords, no more keys. every key It’s the world’s first universal smart key that unlocks your phone, laptop, tablet and all your website accounts when you’re nearby. With a plan in place to expand to door locks, cars and other controlled access devices, Everykey will work with LG NOVA to adapt Everykey technology for use with the LG ThinQ platform, allowing devices to interact with users’ presence and the ability to unlock different capabilities based on proximity.

    Dravese The global provider of software platforms for electric vehicle charging and energy management is collaborating with LG NOVA to drive the integration of electric vehicle charging stations with smart battery storage in commercial and industrial smart buildings. In line with LG NOVA’s focus on revitalizing mobility, the joint venture will demonstrate how intelligent energy management can be used to power electric vehicles by improving the building’s energy efficiency, balancing loads and reducing costs. The goal is to highlight the use of electric vehicle charging as a viable solution to a larger problem: creating a greener and more sustainable world.

    With LG’s ThinQ Connected Home Ecosystem integration plan for smart devices and connected health, cooking It will launch the latest smart kitchen solutions for planning, shopping and cooking to enable LG customers to enjoy a seamless smart home experience in every corner of their home.

    A.kin AI Partnership with LG NOVA to bring virtual assistant technology A.kin Home to LG device products for the first phase of a supervised clinical trial taking place in Australia. A.kin AI will scale LG’s ThinQ smart home products to suit high-demand homes that address neurodiversity issues and coordinate home care.

    future mission LG NOVA’s nine-month annual Challenge Program was created to research the best ideas, concepts and activities around the world that will improve the quality of life in a smarter, healthier and more connected future.

    specific future mission Companies will have access to resources that will help grow their joint business, including core business infrastructure, networking with global technology leaders, mentorship and collaboration opportunities, as well as connections to LG’s network of business partners, venture capital, pilot programs and more. Organizations for further growth and development. They will work with the LG NOVA team on their commercial proposals and proof of concept within three to six months, leading to the selection process for the finalists this spring.

    said Dr. Soko Ri, President of LG NOVA, and Senior Vice President of Innovation for LG NOVA at LG Electronics. “As our LG NOVA program progresses, we are using the power of collaboration to drive innovation for society as a whole.”

    Find out more about LG NOVA at www.lgnova.com.

    About LG NOVA
    LG NOVA, the North American Innovation Center for Global Innovation Pioneer LG Electronics, is a team focused on bringing outside innovation to LG. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, LG NOVA’s mission is to build, nurture, and grow innovations that impact the future. Find out more about LG NOVA atwww.lgnova.com.

    About LG Electronics USA
    LG Electronics USA, Inc. Headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, it is a North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, a $56 billion global manufacturing and technology company. In the United States, LG sells a wide range of innovative home appliances, home entertainment products, commercial displays, air conditioning systems, solar solutions, and vehicle components. LG is a seven times Energy Star® general partner. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its “Life’s Good” marketing theme includes how LG is committed to making people happy by exceeding the expectations of today and tomorrow. www.LG.com.

    Fonte: LG Electronics United States of America

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