Letters from the tax authorities rain: Who risks most

    Letters from the tax authorities rain: Who risks most

    the tax It is about to send out letters of compliance, i.e. “invitations” to pay the amount due for anomalies in the 2017 tax returns. The investigations began last year and will continue throughout 2022.

    What happens with Pnrr

    The program related to the dispatch of these missions is linked to the NRP, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan with the indicators given in the “ItaliaDomani” report issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance where the program of interventions is also referred to in the financial field. As mentioned Italy todayReforms to compliance letters are expected between the second and fourth quarters of 2022. Meanwhile, by June, new regulations should come into effect to enforce relevant tax obligations and by the end of the year they will have to increase by 20% more correspondence sent than in 2019.

    What are the goals?

    Among other goals for the new year, in the fourth quarter of 2022”Letters with false positives should be reduced by 5% and revenue associated with friendly tax authorities should be reduced by 15%.That’s not all, because back in the last four months, but by 2024, the compliance letter target will have to increase by 40% compared to 2019 and revenue generated should be greater than 30%. Tax Evasion Chapter: The Ministry of Economy demanded the “fall” of privacy on electronic invoices for the current year.

    With VAT numbers, pay attention to penalties if there is no consistency between the amount billed and the asset sold, if exemptions are not applied correctly, in all cases of “Eliminate the attribution of costs inherent in the business and the unconsolidated management of the warehouse inventory cycle“.

    New remeasurement device

    As we wrote in Giornale.it, a new profit metric is foreseen: the Revenue Agency can, with the database of taxpayer consumption data, assess whether or not the subject of the service will be included among those representing the ability to spend. Both as consumption and as investments. If used judiciously, profit meter is one of the most valid tools used by financial management. “If the taxpayer has spent, it means that he has earned firstWhat has led many politicians to not willingly accept this tool is data changes that have occurred in the past, such as the idea of ​​making use of Istat values.

    The goal would be to clearly define the real contribution capacity of citizens and to trigger any controls with a difference of more than 20% between declared and reconstituted income. In fact, the IRS aims to make better use of the Superanagrafe’s undisclosed potential for checking accounts by relying on five key data: balance at the beginning and end of the year, the sum of incoming and outgoing moves and average inventory.

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