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“Let’s get back to life but be careful” – Corriere.it

from Margherita de Pac

Immunologist: Yes, when you return to the theater and cinema, but without forgetting the precautions because the virus is still spreading and it is always dangerous

Moment Back to socialization. Let us live it wisely but without depriving ourselves of the exchange with others, it shakes those who fear a return to healthy and precious cultural habits. Francesco Le Foch, clinical immunologist at Policlinico Umberto I.

Let your guard down, does that mean?

No, it would be wrong to deny oneself the pleasures of performances and sports. We must pay attention and caution at this point, but if we are vaccinated and equippedgreen lane
There is no need to be ashamed by giving up cinema, theater or music for fear of infection (I read here How will capabilities change). Even in the case of infection with the virus, when vaccinated, we will have a slight illness and a decrease in the risk of going to the hospital.

Yes, but always remember the simple rules that allowed us to get here. Always wear a mask correctly in enclosed spaces, hand hygiene, and respect distancing.

Is it better to stay on the sidelines and avoid contact with people?

Today we are in a position to return to occupy cultural spaces in relaxation. Basic culture to give oxygen to the community. It is one of the benefits of vaccinations. I renew the agitation for vaccination, to believe unreservedly in the achievements of science which are today more than ever extraordinary. Side effects, which are mild and transient And sometimes they are not there, come and talk to me. You will be able to persuade.

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How many people were vaccinated thanks to your disguised intervention?

Dozens, I think. And I have proof of that because I ask you to send me a picture of the vaccination and I have a set of it.

Do you agree to increase the capacity of theaters, cinemas, theaters or other places of entertainment?

Yes precisely because we have the vaccination on our side and the awareness that the virus is still with us and we must continue to act wisely. Moreover, I am convinced that the ban is not going anywhere. People are indignant and tend to take their freedom anyway even at the cost of violating the rules. I’ll be more careful with indoor discos Where it is easier to lose control

You are a football fan. Are stadiums safe even with 100% spectators?

I’m in favor. We’re outside, masked, avoiding screaming with our faces uncovered and hugging each other past the goal.

downward curveAnd The epidemic in Italy could end, can you believe it?

Yes, I don’t think the virus has much other potential to threaten the population if we were vaccinated. We are already more than 80% coverageLet’s do another little effort. The advantage of being able to see the light again, keep in mind, it’s not just vaccines and those who followed the rules. Thanks for the public health service. Doctors, nurses and all staff have softened the blow, albeit unavailable, especially in the first phase of the emergency.

Do you think you need protection before other colleagues?

No, all healthcare professionals are equal And they have the right to be called up after the 80s and nursing home guests.

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