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Less forgiveness and more fines. The new schedule will be in effect tonight

  Less forgiveness and more fines.  The new schedule will be in effect tonight

From tonight Clothe Abbreviated: The blockade of night-time travel at 11 p.m., traffic police, as they say on the Capitol, will be less tolerant of those who err. Explains Paulo Ferrara, the local police representative for the capital city Rome“So far, there has been some flexibility. With some common sense, we allowed those who left the restaurant shortly before ten in the evening to return to their homes, and even exceeded the limits of the decree by 10-15 minutes. There are also those who took the matter more comfortably, without finding themselves with the report from 400 to 1,000 euros. With the delay until 11 pm, things have changed: “It is time to go home after dinner outside, and how – Raggie’s rep is convinced – so if someone is found” wandering around “, he will be fined.” Otherwise, Ferrara points out that this gradual easing of restrictions will not make any sense, as the curfew drops from 10pm to 11pm today, then starts at midnight from June 7, until full repeal, scheduled for next month 21. .

Salty penalties

Of course, restaurant and bar managers still hope for a bit of indulgence, which continues to blur the minimum delay: “You can’t stay out for dinner with the minutes counted.” But the tougher line at Palazzo Senatorio matches what was said by the Municipal General Command of the brigade that will take part in the inspections starting tonight: with the hands of “the whole country” moving forward an hour, and the margins for return are at their home address before the bell, so those who remain are in danger Pay a fine. Minimum flexibility, the delegate appeals to the local police, “It will remain, because an unexpected event can always happen. But it is an unexpected event that must be proven. Staying until 11.30 is another thing. In this case the penalty is triggered.” The historic center is under special surveillance, no Especially the nightlife areas that have been re-populated in recent weeks, from aperitif onwards, with young people searching for alcoholic beverages and beer on the table, and pastimes banned in times of red and orange zones, explains Donatella Scafati, who has just been appointed commander of the first batch of helmets. Al-Bayda, “During the checks, we will be strict, and we will mainly monitor the activities of the administration, so bars and clubs, everything starts from there.” He continued that the patrols will be on the street tonight and will be reinforced during the weekend, when more than 300 men will be employed in all Across town, only for the evening and evening. ”In the center, we are setting up fixed sites at the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna, Colli Opio, and Piazza Vittorio – Scafati continues – other mobile units will head the Campo de Fiori and Trastevi T, “The hottest” areas, we always focus on various bars and clubs.

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I RestaurantsAs mentioned, they hope some tolerance will remain. “We hope no one will target at 10.59 pm – says Walter Giamaria, president of Confesercenti in Rome – no place pretends to stay open until midnight, but we always expect a degree of flexibility, even as the slip occurs.” How did you get to now? “It was tough. At least a third of the customers didn’t even show up at the restaurant knowing they had to eat while looking at the clock. Dinner outside is above all a moment of relaxation, a pleasure. Instead, every time he sat at the table, just That he sat, he really had to do the math: How long does it take to come back? So what’s the fun?

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