Leonardo with Springboard, for the empowerment of women

    Leonardo with Springboard, for the empowerment of women

    “Amazing, exceptional, inspiring!” are just some of the words used to describe Leonardo’s first springboard conferencein which they participated over 140 Resources from around the world and from every area of ​​the company’s business. Such an event provided an opportunity for the participants to meet and discuss and gave them all an additional incentive to move forward on their own development path.

    Since the partnership with Springboard was born in 2020, the programme, which aims to advance the empowerment of women of all ages and at every stage of their lives, has seen the creation of Six editionstwo of which are currently under implementation and the others are in the planning stage, with the participation of resources from ItalyAnd UK, USA, Switzerland, France, Poland, China and Saudi Arabia.

    The Springboard aims, in addition to promoting gender equality and proposing new challenges, to enhance the skills and abilities of Leonardo’s women, while motivating them to assert themselves, both professionally and personally.

    During the day, participants were able to delve deeper into a topic performance Practically and theoretically, as well as thanks to the organization of seminars in which eminent speakers, including some Leonardo the Great Commander who shared their professionalism and expertise, and promoted it sense of belonging Based on Community generated by the program.

    event keynote speaker, Heather Fisherwinner of the 2014 Rugby World Cup, as well as his motivational coach, who emphasized that “it is only by investing in yourself, working on your skills and improving your flexibility and resilience that you can be successful”.

    wendy allen, Leonardo Director of the British Peoplea major supporter of the Springboard programme, says: “We want everyone at Leonardo to recognize how much their contribution is valued and their commitment appreciated. We are constantly working to include all our employees and Springboard undoubtedly represents innovative factor To support women in the company. It also demonstrates our ongoing commitment to achievinggender balance at all levels of the organisation.

    Susie Galasso, Head of Education and People Development at LeonardoShe added, “It is a priority for our company to hire more and more women and support their development. Springboard has created an international community of women who have nurtured their sense of belonging.. Supporting the empowerment of our female resources means empowering the entire organization and achieving better business results. “.

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