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Lemon peel should not be thrown away

Lemon peel should not be thrown away

Not everyone knows that lemon peels should never be thrown away because it would be a waste. With peeling, you can still make various preparations.

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Lemon peel, in fact, is rich in very fragrant essential oils. These oils can be extrapolated by different techniques. One of these is made with sugar. What comes out is a highly-scented lemon-flavored drink, perfect for cocktails. So called Synthetic oilFrom “olio”, oil and “sugars”, sugar.

Instead of getting rid of the peels

Instead of scrapping the peels, we can make this easy-to-make syrup. It is sufficient to soak the lemon peel with the sugar and wait for the sugar to release all the essential oils from the citrus fruits. Finally, everything is filtered.

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What you need are very few tools and a night. And the drink will be ready for use. Imagine the extraordinary scent of a perfume cocktail Made with a natural drink like this one. Or why not, good homemade lemon tea.

What you need to drink

A) 100 grams of lemon peel;

B) 300 grams of sugar;

C) Airtight jar;

D) un pelapatate;

E) A pestle (pestle) or something else to grind the peels a little.


To prepare this drink, the peelings must be obtained with a potato peeler. Of course, using unprocessed lemons is always the best option, so the peels can be used without fear of ingesting harmful substances.

It is important to take care not to remove the white portion of the lemon either. This part is called whiteness and it gives a bitter taste to our drink. If this also occurs, it can be processed and cut with a knife.

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The peels should be cut into small pieces and placed in an airtight container with sugar. All mixed well.

Leave it to rest for a day and night in the refrigerator, then strain through a colander. And here is a ready-made lemonade, with which you can make delicious and aromatic cocktails.

This is a very good reason not to get rid of lemon peels.

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