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“Lej Festival”, music in nature with artists from all over the world – Corriere di Como


From August 27 to September 5, the “Festival Lej – Moving Floating Party” returns, which will combine music and nature on Lake Como and in many other places in the province.
Born from the idea of ​​como pianist and composer Alessandro Martire, Italian franchisor and Made in Italy ambassador to the world, the festival is an unprecedented project this year, a dream come true. In a year of reboot, young artists and composers from all over the world will come to perform in the Como area. Lake Como (where Martir often performs) will not be the scene of the festival, but other tourist and non-tourist places: Intelvi Valley, Cernobbio, Ultrona di San Mamet, San Fermo della Battaglia and Argigno, to name a few.
The protagonists of the “Lej Festival”, with Alessandro Martire, artists Anna Zimmer, Nyad, Summit, Harp Knight, Jumeira, Fraborsi, Frontera and others to be announced later.
To make the experience even more special, the program will be enriched with workshops, creative workshops, social inclusion projects, excursions, sports and jam sessions.
The heart of the event will be the Moving Floating Party, the spectacular performance on Lake Como that will take place on August 31, from 6pm, in Cernobbio. After a broadcast release last year, the event is finally back this year with a commitment to free booking via www.eventbrite.it.
It is a unique and innovative performance, a concert on a floating mobile platform pulled by an ecological and electric motorboat, which brings music live on the lake. The idea is to create a pleasant walk from the entire lake front that combines music and landscapes on a journey through nature, beauty and music.
Alessandro Martire will perform songs from Share the world, his latest album (Carosello Records), as he is told halfway between classic compositions filled with cinematic suggestions, folk stories, desires, the flourishing of soul and the desire to return to travel. Alessandro Martir is famous for his concerts and videos in unusual places, such as the concert on Lake Como on a floating platform in Villa Erba in Cernobbio or the video clip on the surface of a frozen lake in Engadin, near St. Moritz. Italian excellence on the outside, Alessandro Martire conveys within him a skillful blend of contemporary classical, pop, simple and cross music, allowing him to achieve a style that is appreciated by audiences, critics and major international brands who have chosen his music for commercials and soundtracks.
His musical activism with original music has led him to perform all over the world, with tours in China, Russia, Korea, the United States and the United Kingdom, to name a few of the countries he touched with his music.
For the Larian event, created in collaboration with Apple Music, Alessandro will play a specific piano he designed, “Waves,” a unique example in perfect harmony with sound waves.
The institutional partners of this event are the European Commission, Polysium, Lake Como, the Cariblo Foundation, the Lario Basin and Small Lakes Authority. Information and reservations: www.lejfestival.it; www.eventbrite/alessandromartire and www.alessandromartire.com.

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