Home science Lego, NASA’s space shuttle Discovery now built with 2,300 bricks – Corriere.it

Lego, NASA’s space shuttle Discovery now built with 2,300 bricks – Corriere.it

Lego, NASA's space shuttle Discovery now built with 2,300 bricks - Corriere.it

For a space lover, having a shuttle in the house will soon be a matter of patience laying the bricks together. Starting April 1st, Lego will sell the new collection, Intended for an adult audience, in order to build it Space Shuttle Discovery della NASAAnd the spacecraft participating in the STS-31 mission In 1990 she had brought the Hubble Telescope into orbit. Pi di 2300 pieces To be compiled to recreate a very faithful and detailed version. Thus, the primary and secondary engines used for the maneuvers in orbit are easily identifiable. Or the control surfaces on the tail or on the wings that are actually used for the precise movements of the spacecraft in space. Hence, the tail rudder used for braking during landing becomes easy to determine.

A wealth of details

But to be very detailed Also inside the space shuttle Discovery. The cockpit was equipped with all five seats that were already in the mission. The central surface has also been reproduced in a meticulous manner, with the mission’s material and equipment tanks identified. Obviously, he couldn’t be missing The robotic arm that was used to move the Hubble telescope And put it in space. In Lego clones, there are also these last devices made in a very faithful way to the original using solar panels. Hubble can be left in the load bay, attached to the robotic arm or still without a hook as if it was already in orbit.

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