Leah Thomas, transgender swimmer: Florida governor doesn’t acknowledge her victory

    Leah Thomas, transgender swimmer: Florida governor doesn't acknowledge her victory

    Its history all over the world has been causing a lot of controversy between professionals and non-professionals. Just a week ago, the transgender swimmer Leah Thomas, considered the heiress to great American swimmers, easily won the women’s 500-yard freestyle final (just over 450 meters) of the NCAA Division I in Atlanta, becoming the first transgender athlete to win it all. -time NCAA title.

    Florida Governor’s Decision

    A week later, however, the Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, she dismissed that ruling by recognizing Emma Wyant, silver medalist in the 400 medley at the Tokyo Games six months ago, as the true winner of the competition. “The NCAA is making a primary effort to destroy women’s sport—which stunned the governor at a press conference—: They’re trying to undermine the integrity of the competition as they crown another champion. They’re putting ideology before opportunity for women’s athletes.” He then added to Potion on Twitter: “In Florida, we reject these lies and recognize Emma Wayant of Sarasota as the best swimmer in the 500-yard freestyle.”

    Hormone therapy in 2019

    The NCAA currently requires transgender athletes to receive a one-year hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to allow them to participate in women’s sports. Thomas began HRT in May 2019 (the year he was 462nd in the men’s free time rankings) and finished it in the fall of the same year and the NCAA approved his participation in the women’s field. Thomas, who competes for the University of Pennsylvania, took the title at 4’33 24, ahead of Weyant, a native of Florida, by 1 75. The issue of transgender athletes has always been the subject of controversy, not just political. only yesterday Sebastian KooThe 1,500-meter Olympian in athletics and president of the World Association of Athletics Federations, said he is convinced that “without the right rules in this area, women’s sport will have a very fragile future.”

    USA, Battle of the Rulers

    A 2017 report in the Journal of Sports Medicine that looked at several relevant studies found “there is no direct or consistent research” for transgender people who have an athletic advantage over their gender-compliant peers, at any stage of their transition, and critics say it claims Like DeSantis it will only add more discrimination to what transgender people, especially young ones, face. However, controversy over the inclusion of transgender athletes, especially women and girls, has become a point of political contention in recent years in the United States, especially among conservatives. So far this year, the states of Iowa and South Dakota have passed legislation banning transgender women and girls from participating in gender-compliant sports teams at accredited schools and colleges. And last year, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia issued similar sports bans, angering LGBTQ supporters, who argue that conservatives are creating a problem where there is no problem.

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