Lazio regional law on slot restrictions: managers protect themselves

    Lazio regional law on slot restrictions: managers protect themselves

    lawyers Mark Ripamonti And Charles LeporeOn behalf of the several directors of Lazio and in any case working in Lazio, they are preparing to carry out the appropriate actions aimed at appealing the Regulatory Note of the Lazio Region on the subject of gaming machines with cash prizes and the consequent circulation of the application.

    The lawyer thus declared Marco Ripamonti to Gama: “Last Friday we received a mandate from several managers operating in our region to advance appropriate initiatives aimed at counteracting the effects of a well-known regional law which, in my opinion, will produce severe restrictions on a class of entrepreneurs who, for years, have already suffered important restrictions, for example The example in terms of lower margins due to the increase in PREU, different quotas, distances and times.

    The legislation in question is likely to produce a significant expulsion effect on the machine fleet expense of the various entrepreneurs, who will have to store in the warehouse many machines, in some cases almost half the machine fleet, and continue to bear the costs of the warehouse and network until then, once the Terms of legislation and if not reused, subject to disposal. We are finalizing the examination of the mandates and during the week we will implement the appropriate initiatives.

    This is a regulation that imposes excessive restrictions and penalties on the goals you set which, in my opinion, can be counterproductive. It’s certainly my opinion, but the billboard in the picture, for example, can lead those who don’t play to become curious and play, and those who actually play think that if you play near 30 minutes, albeit over and over again it’s obviously compulsive, You can keep your cool, given that the problem appears after thirty minutes, as if taking a five-minute break can quell the urge to play. In short, it seems to me an ineffective and unhelpful measure“.

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