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Launches August 23, 2021

Launches August 23, 2021

requests TV bonus up to 100 EUR with skimming, which also applies to decoders, can be forwarded starting with August 23, 2021.

TV Bonus With Unsubscribe: Starting August 23, 2021

this is state reward, It is clearly a function to turn off DTT From the first generation and the transition to the new DVB-T2, it remains valid and has a fixed date, even if the “old” digital TV is turned off in the meantime postponed until 2023.

As we have already explained to you Previously, to make this special TV bonus It is the scope of the potential audience to which it is directed, in fact there are no limits associated with certain income categories, rather it is an opening to all families who comply with the payment of the Rai license fee.

This means that each family will be able to benefit from the respective bonus in case of scrapping, to which only families with ISEE less than 20,000 euros can also add to it. Customized Bonus of €50. Date August 23, 2021However, it is also relevant in relation to this last bonus, which will go towards one Reduced to 30 euros.

TV bonus with cancellation of up to 100 euros: how it works

Since the reference date is not too far away, it may be useful to provide a brief summary of the operating mechanism, and thus to customize, TV bonus with scrap up to €100.

As evidenced by the terminology used, condition no To be worthy of the state award in question is that Scrape old generation TV or decoder, purchased before December 22, 2018 (date of purchase must be self-certified). Of course, this date does not guarantee that the old product is not actually compatible with DVB-T2 HEVC Main10, in short, it is always recommended to check test channels 100 and 200.

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Fulfillment of this condition entitles the above-mentioned bonus, which can amount to a maximum of €100. In fact, the TV bonus is a 20% discount on the purchase of a new TV or decoder. In this regard, in order to avoid misunderstandings, it is necessary to immediately make a clarification: if you cancel a TV, you are entitled to a discount for the purchase of a new TV; If you cancel a decoder, you are entitled to a bonus when buying a new decoder. In short: it is not possible to cancel a product of one category and use the bonus to buy a new product of another category.

How many chests are there for this bonus? Can it be combined?

These two questions are important for understanding how to move and above all how fast to do it.

Regarding me allotted funds To finance “Bonus TV with cancellation of up to 100 euros”, MiSE (Ministry of Economic Development) will make a total of 225 million euros. In theory, the contribution will still be valid and thus can be obtained until December 31, 2022However, given the funds available – which are not many – early exhaustion is unlikely. In short, moving quickly can be crucial to getting the reward.

Go to the letter related to cumulative, as mentioned above, this is quite possible: starting from August 23, 2021, citizens who are in the required conditions (ISEE less than 20,000 euros) will be able to get both the TV bonus with cancellation of up to 100 € and the reserved TV bonus from 30 €.

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Online purchases, self-certifications, and bonus access

At present, no specific indications have been provided Online shopping, but in any case, it should also be possible to use the bonus in question to buy TV or set-top boxes online.

As mentioned above, “personal certificate To authenticate:

  • be up to date on the payment of, or exemption from, the RAI license fee;
  • not have benefited from multiple cancellation bonuses in the same family;
  • I own equipment that has been disposed of since before December 22, 2018.

the Self-certification form not available yet It must be brought with you and filled directly when the old device is disposed of on an approved eco-island, or when the new purchased device is delivered to the dealer.

What will happen on August 7, 2021

that tomorrow August 7, 2021, must be the date of publication in Official Gazette From Ministerial Decree, before the online self-certification form is available. However, for scrapping and discounted purchases, it will be necessary to wait until August 23.

On the official website of Bonus TV – Decoder up to 100 euros it is already possible to check compatible models by entering the required data. here it is Link to refer to.

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