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Late Bills and Penalties on Eni, Enel and Sen: What are User Rights


The Antitrust Authority imposed sanctions on some gas and electricity suppliers for a total amount of $ 1 12.5 million euros. Fines amount to 5 million Lebanese pounds Eni gas and electricity4 million Lebanese pounds Enel Energia And 3.5 million for Age – National Electricity Service. On the basis of this provision, companies are denied prescription requests from consumers for non-payment due to overdue bills.

In so doing, the authority closed the investigation procedures that had begun against Enel Gas and Electric, Enel Energia and Sen, and an assessment rejected Prescription requestsIn the absence of appropriate elements to demonstrate consumers’ liability for late payment Invoices.

Consumer associations asked the three companies Refund From the amount already paid and Apologies General By managers of gas and electricity supplies.

Prescription on overdue bills: What the law says

The Budget law 2018 introduced the possibility for consumers to request a two-year prescription for the amount owed to operators in the energy sector for multi-year consumption of delayed gas and electricity. The only perceived exception is the “assured liability” of the users themselves.

After the law came into effect, many informed the Antitrust Authority not to accept prescription applications for a period of two years by the three companies, while requesting the payment of the appropriations that demand them.

Because Eni, Enel Energia and Sen were fined

In thousands of cases, Eni gas and electricity, Enel Energia and Sen have accused users of failing to read the meters, in the face of attempts to read by supply service operators. However, these attempts will not only be documented but will often be documented Refusal From the consumer guide.

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While matchmaking, users actually documented that Counter Oh no Presence In the home of the user’s owner, family member, or building porter to welcome company employees and allow a reading of depreciation on days of alleged attempts.

Eni gas and electricity company was fined 5 million euros on the date Maximum edict, Because the biggest number Of rejected prescription requests in relation to the number of requests made by consumers. To exacerbate the company’s position, the Antitrust Authority, in a press release, also made clear the stick around the issue of prescription-related misconduct.

During the proceedings it also appeared to this extent Enel Energia How much will they have the national electricity service Accused immediately Amounts billed according to a prescription for users who have chosen bank and postal domiciliation or credit card use as a method of payment, discard Request a prescription or notify the refusal after the deduction only.

According to art. 1, paragraph 4, of Budget law 2018, No. 205 of 2017, and as a result of the Authority’s decision, users are entitled to recover payments that have already been made within 3 months as an unnecessary settlement.

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