Las Vegas, what are you doing in Sin City

    Las Vegas, what are you doing in Sin City

    Located in the Mojave Desert in Nevada, Las Vegas is the most famous city in the world in terms of nightlife and entertainment. The nerve center of the city is the strip, the famous street that the city’s most famous hotels follow one by one, from Caesar’s Palace to the Bellagio, the real attractions with free shows along the way, and fountains dancing on the volcanoes at an erupting volcano. . But Las Vegas also offers interesting museums and entertainment, not to forget the Grand Canyon, one of the most visited nature parks in the United States just two hours away.


    The central section of Las Vegas Boulevard, 6 km long that crosses the city from north to south, known as The Strip, is one of the most famous and immortal places in Las Vegas. Lined with huge entertainment mansions, many built with a specific theme and venue for performances, luxurious hotel rooms, and gourmet cuisine, this is what most people think of when they imagine Las Vegas.

    One of the things not to be missed in Las Vegas is to stroll along the Strip and enjoy the particularly impressive view at night, when the city is lit up by an endless string of neon lights.

    Fremont Street

    Located in historic downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street is a pedestrian precinct where you can walk under thousands of LED lights that light up the sky in a display of different colors and designs, in what is known as the Fremont Street Experience. Street performers and outdoor specials often perform in this area.

    Venetian Hotel

    The Venetian Hotel is located in Las Vegas on the Gaza Strip across from Treasure Island. It is one of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas and features many interesting tourist attractions. Inside is a themed shopping plaza built to resemble Venice, with blue skies, canals, and gondolas carrying tourists around the complex. The hotel also features a reconstruction of Venice’s main attractions, such as the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs.

    Las vigas

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    Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower

    Also on the strip is Paris Las Vegas, one of the most easily recognizable resorts in the city, only for a large-scale reproduction of the Eiffel Tower, while along the way there is a reconstruction of the Paris Opera. Forty-six stories above the city streets, the Eiffel Tower Experience is an observation deck with incredible 360-degree views.

    Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show

    The Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas is a huge hotel complex that houses a variety of attractions, including the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts, parks and botanical gardens, and some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. But the most famous feature is the fountain shows that dance to music every night – one of the most exciting free attractions in Las Vegas.

    New York – New York hotels

    The New York-New York hotel in Las Vegas is located across from the MGM Grand Hotel and Excalibur Resort Hotel. The visually stunning hotel is designed to look like the New York skyline, complete with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Don’t miss the chance to ride on the huge roller coaster, called the Big Apple Coaster, which goes around the hotel.

    Las vigas

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    High roller ferris wheel

    The High Roller Las Vegas Strip is the largest observation wheel in North America, with an impressive height of 167 metres. Each trip takes about 30 minutes to give visitors plenty of time to enjoy a unique view of the strip.

    Mafia Museum

    The Mob Museum, or the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement as it’s officially called, is a truly unique and unusual museum in Nevada.

    The building that now houses the museum is housed in a 1933 neoclassical building, formerly the United States Post Office and Courthouse, and was one of the venues for the famous 1950 Kefauver Commission hearings, which revealed the truth about organized crime in Las Vegas and the United States.

    The museum tells the story of the Mafia in America through interactive interactive displays and videos, ranging from individual characters to cultural events.

    Mandalay Bay and Shark Reef

    Located at the southwest end of the strip near the Luxor Hotel, Mandalay Bay Resort is especially popular for the Shark Reef Aquarium. The huge aquarium contains a variety of sharks, fish, rays, reptiles, marine invertebrates, green sea turtles and even the Komodo dragon, which has more than two thousand animals.

    neon museum

    The bright and colorful neon signs of Las Vegas have been one of the city’s most memorable symbols for countless visitors over the years.

    Today, the Neon Museum works specifically to preserve these works, real pieces of history, through the purchase, preservation and, in some cases, the restoration of historic neon signs that were forgotten when businesses faded or new signs took over. of ancient icons, providing visitors with a journey back in time into the history of Las Vegas.

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