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Lancia 037 is brought back to life with the rest of the Kimera: here’s the EVO37


A blast from the past with an accompanying return to a great legend: here is the Kimera EVO37, the heiress of Lancia 037.

Goodwood Festival In progress and with it there are also many new arrivals and many interpretations. From sports to the street, many machines of different brands take turns in showAnd among them there is also Exciting and cool blast from the past.

We are talking about Kimera EV037 that makes us relive a great legend, the Lancia 037. Actually, it’s a file Restomod The legendary Lancia and its true heir today. In addition, it also represents a victory Small company in Piedmontwho set a goal and achieved it.

The plans are actually foretold Kimera EVO37 prototype debuts at Goodwood, e Kimera Automobili has done it. Of course, it is a real boost to all those people who do not have a lot of resources, but have an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Features of Kimera EVO37

As mentioned, The Kimera EVO37 is currently just a prototypeBut we know it will be built in 37 samples, which will be sold at €480,000 plus VAT. 11 of them have already been sold, even before Goodwood.

This is because since then the design One cannot help but love this car, in fact, inspired by the strength of circumstances for the racing worldToday, being an heir 037. In fact, on the front The LED array is similar to the one in Lancia, while there is in the depth The spoiler is in continuity with the chassis, and a nice set of exhausts that cross Energy.

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Here it is thus in question Kimera EVO37 . engine, which is a 4-cylinder in-line and can unload on the ground more than 500 Cavalli. Finally, regarding interior, are still poorly maintained, but in the final version they will have their modernization.

Beautiful blast from the past today, not only thanks Goodwood Festival, but also through Chimera cars. Restomod Lancia 037, or Chimera EVO37 It represents a new way of making machines, which intertwine the spirit of the past and connects it with the spirit of the present.

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