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Lady Astor, first woman in the UK Parliament


It was November 28, 1919 when Lady Astor, Boy LanghornThe political mandate began as the first woman in the United Kingdom Palament. at that time Astor king 40 years. In fact the first woman to be elected in Parliament He was British Constance MarkevichThe Irish and the revolutionary. But his party Shane Fen Was abstaining. And so Astor was the first woman to sit “technically” Parliament, Is among the ranks occupied by men.

Lady Astor

It was November 28, 1919 when Nancy Astor Enter board of the Public, The first woman to take part in a business Parliament of the United Kingdom. You will be an important figure in political and cultural life in the first half of 20th century. In fact Constance Markevich She had been elected earlier in the December elections 1918. These were the first elections in which women could vote if they were over 30 and were elected. But because of the politics of his party Markevich He never formally participated in the parliamentary work, nor did he set foot board of the Public.

Although they represent, within a few months of each other, a historical turning point in political life United kingdom, They are two completely different characters in terms of extraction and ideology. Indeed Nancy Astor It does not represent the aspirations and needs of ordinary women, but rather the conservative demands of the aristocracy. over there Astor She belonged to the world of high society salons and was born into it United State. Famous for its beauty, in 1904 Nancy first went to EnglandWhere he met Waldorf AstorThe son of the Viscount William Astor, To whom he married 1906.

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First woman in the UK Parliament

the husband WaldorfPolitics entered the ranks Conservative Party, Passed House of Commons to the House of Lords Upon the death of his father, he left his seat vacant at board of the Public. Nancy With the support of her husband, she decided to compete for this seat in an aggressive election campaign. She occupied the seat with his direct language and peculiar style, a style that deservedly establishes the characteristic of non-history. She is completely alien to the official rituals of parliamentary life:

If you want a Member of Parliament who is a copy of the 600 other Members of Parliament, then do not vote for me... If you don’t have a man who can fight, pick a woman who can fight.

In the early years, it was politics Astor She was distinguished above all by her commitment to women, especially divorced women, and to the protection of children. Moreover, he waged an unsuccessful campaign against alcohol consumption, which he wanted to place restrictions and prohibitions on, making it unpopular with the conservatives themselves.

Through the years thirty His number became increasingly controversial due to his sympathy for the authoritarian regime Nazi Germany. These positions became increasingly unpopular as and within events unfolded (1945[1945The party and the husband himself Nancy To withdraw from political life. Died in it 1964Controversial and reactionary but still an early advocate for women’s rights.

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