La voce Delle Voci – Australia / “Fortified fields” reach the unvaccinated

    La voce Delle Voci - Australia /

    Sanitary dictatorship is increasingly heavy in Australia, where veritable “quarantine camps” are being built for the unvaccinated.

    document itABC Australia’, which also shows some structures.

    Therefore, the scandal in which the Prime Minister of New South Wales was completely implicated was not enough, Gladys BerejiklianStruggling with maxi shadow Pfizer $10 million. Now there are also camp bombs that will be aimed at vaccine evaders.

    Like, for example, Toowoomba Airport, a few kilometers from Wellcamp Airport. It will be equipped with more than 1,000 beds and will be completed – local authorities confirm – by the end of March 2022.

    “At this point – it has been added – the cabins will be used by local travelers returning from Covid hotspots. The field will be used for ‘ongoing operations’ and will be a source of employment.”

    This occupation, on the other hand, is punished severely green pass.

    Fields – Reportage Explains by ABC Australia – Divided into different zones and host single, double and family rooms; They will be patrolled by police and security guards 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    The Chief Minister of Queensland confirms, Stephen Miles: “Since many people have not been vaccinated, we anticipate that there will be an ongoing need for quarantine facilities.”

    Toowoomba land is owned by ‘Wagner company The government offered a 12-month lease that was renewable for another 12 months.

    Another quarantine facility, again with a capacity of 1,000 beds, is under construction in the industrial area of ​​Benkenba, a 30-hectare area owned by the military, where one of its barracks is currently located. So the control over the “guests” is highly guaranteed.

    he is writing Dave Blount: “Australia is probably the most repressive country in the world in terms of Covid authoritarianism.”

    in service ABC However, it is noted that Australia is certainly not alone in the race to build proper quarantine facilities.

    In Canada, for example, Quebec City authorities have announced that they will isolate “uncooperative” citizens at a coronavirus facility, the location of which remains top secret.

    Similar announcements are made by the New Zealand authorities.

    Even at the beginning of the year, the German government announced that it would hold “Covid dissidents”, those who “repeatedly failed to respect the rules”, in special structures. The first planned area where the Dresden “concentration camp” will be located has been identified. After all, the Germans can count on a long and consolidated experience in this field.

    and with us? In the spring, an advertisement for the designer appeared save (The General Contracting Authority ended up in the eye of the storm, with an operation now upon us) to prepare some areas, located in different areas, for “emergency”. Not just floods and earthquakes, of course, but it’s clearly excellent for welcoming dissidents on the Covid front. Apparently the media in our house — lined up and covered along CEO Draghi’s line — blocked the news.

    In the photo, a quarantine camp was set up in Australia for the unvaccinated

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