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Korean mosquitoes in Lombardy can spread diseases? What do we know – Corriere.it

  Korean mosquitoes in Lombardy can spread diseases?  What do we know - Corriere.it

Drhome parasite NS squid game – or South Korea – to the quiet Po Valley. But also to the hills and mountains of Veneto. Arrived in 2011, probably with freight and travelers. unwanted tourist Who decided to survive and reproduce. NSAedes koreicuskorean mosquitoes Which resists the cold and lives at altitudes and climatic conditions that its sisters cannot resist. We keep company at Christmas too? is not excluded. But if we knew very little before, the research by the University of Milan, which was published in the medical journal, highlights its prevalence. Parasites and vectors.

Korean mosquitoes in Lombardy, updates:

During a program to monitor sites at risk of introducing new invasive mosquitoes, Survey conducted between the provinces of Bergamo and BresciaCountry researchers collected about six thousand larvae and hundreds of mosquito eggs (from small ponds, artificial tanks and containers). calendar: Many of these have been identified as belonging to the species Aedes koreicusIt is likely to be native to the volcanic island of South Korea in the Jeju region. korean mosquito Already endemic to Japan, northern China, South Korea, and parts of Russia. It was first reported in Italy in 2011 in the province of Belluno. Since then, reports in northern Italy have increased, explains Sarah Ibis, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and research coordinator. One of the entrance doors? Perhaps it was Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport. More genetic studies will help us better understand its origin, emphasizes Paolo Gabrielli, a researcher in the same department.

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The tiger mosquito and its Japanese sister, The Pubelia japonica (beetle kills plants), Then Japan’s terrible polygon (able to penetrate even concrete), scarlet turtle. Every year, we are forced to learn the name of a new alien species and see its disasters on ecosystems. The problem has spread all over the world The ways to deal with it are different. In Australia and New Zealand, for example, checks on access and transported goods are very strict and there are also rigorous disinfection processes. However, this model cannot be proposed in Europe where there is free circulation of people and goods – as Diego Fontaneo, zoologist at CNR-Irsa explains – explains. The most feasible way is to conduct surveillance and extinguish small outbreaks, because if you notice the arrival of some kind of pest after 3-4 years, then you can only limit the damage.

as well as annoying, The korean mosquito Likely to be able to spread diseaseThat is, to become a carrier of viruses. This is why genetic studies on mosquitoes are so important. But why did these and other pests become so prolific? Because their natural opponent is missing: Pubelia, For example, it spreads in late July – early August, a period when birds do not reproduce and therefore do not hunt to make nests and feed the cubs – continues Fontaneto -. Moreover, there will also be other antagonists, for example bacteria and worms that eat mosquito larvae, which are only found in ecosystems such as large water wells. However, these insects are able to reproduce in very small artificial environmentsLike water in a dish, I can’t find a competitor. Who knows, maybe in a few decades some bird species will return to the nest in other months of the year, and thus will be able to help us against these “alien”.

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