Kopasir doubts: “Italian TV journalists should get Putin’s salary”

    Kopasir doubts:

    For Copasir, there is a suspicion that commentators who appear on TV and talk about Russia are on his payroll. put it in. That is, the presence of journalists and opinion leaders who talk about Moscow’s reasons for invading Ukraine is part of a “disinformation operation organized and thought out by the men of the Russian government.” For this reason, the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic has scheduled hearings for the Director of AISI Mario Parenti (On May 11), by Rai . CEO Carlo Fortez (12) The head of AGCOM Giacomo Lasorella (eighteen).

    Tests and interviews

    Republic Today Cobacer’s warning is recounted in an article by Tommaso Cerraco and Giuliano Foschini. This is pointing with your finger first of all We call us Fredrickson, a regular presence in some programs (recently she was on the white paper), working on the television of the Russian Ministry of Defense. But it’s not just she’s under the lens. The starting point is an advertisement Russia Today And SputnikRussian media and propaganda sources said: “If it was decided to close it for reasons of national security, why would we allow other people who are paid by Moscow to bring the same concepts to our televisions,” is the logic of an Italian source. Intelligence was mentioned in the article. For now, the hearing will focus attention on the administration and on the alleged contact lists that someone, possibly at the embassy, ​​is showing to Italian televisions. Under the lens, there is also a circumstance related to the schedules: two interviews were broadcast on the 1st of last May. One is the notorious of Serge Lavrov to Network 4. The other is journalist Vladimir Solovyev, Putin’s friend at La7. Both are subject to sanctions by the European Union.

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