Konami explains why it hasn’t remade the first chapter of the saga – Multiplayer.it

    Konami explains why it hasn’t remade the first chapter of the saga – Multiplayer.it

    Konami brings the Silent Hill saga to life, with a whole host of projects. Among those too Silent Hill 2 remakeWhich may surprise some: Why not start from the first chapter? The answer comes from Motoi Okamoto, the series’ producer. The guy explained succinctly that Silent Hill is a psychological horror and that the genre is best expressed in Chapter Two, so it was the right choice to start with.

    information comes from IGN USAwho asked during an interview: “Why do you start with Silent Hill 2, instead of Silent Hill?”

    Okamoto He then replied as follows: “The Silent Hill series had been dormant for a long time. Konami, as a company, wanted to bring it back, and a lot of the people who work here wanted to make Silent Hill games. The only problem was that everyone had different ideas about what Silent Hill was and why. I love it, which makes it hard to stick around One Direction.”

    “At that time, I joined Konami and was asked if I could give direction. I agreed to put it all together and took over the project, eventually managing to get everyone going in the same direction.”

    “During that hiatus, a lot of indie horror games came out, some of which were influenced by Silent Hill. If we wanted to revive Silent Hill in that environment, we had to Decisively redefine her identity As a brand, it is refined and differentiated so that it stands out.”

    “When we thought about what it was like Silent Hill identity, we came to the conclusion that it is a real psychological horror. And when you ask people what real psychological horror is, almost everyone answers Silent Hill 2.”

    “We decided that if the brand identity as well Psychological horrorWe had to start with a remake of Silent Hill 2. Naturally, some people within the company thought it would be best to start with the first chapter, but I wanted to start this project with something that would symbolize that identity.”

    The authors also said that the remake’s graphics would make the game scarier.

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