Kirby and the Lost Land, Digital Foundry Analysis Talks About a Tech Revolution –

    A new game, possibly on Kirby, could be announced in February -

    Kirby and the Lost Land standing as one technology revolution For the Nintendo series: This is the definition that digital foundry Made by itself Analytics The game which as we know was received with great enthusiasm by critics and fans.

    Available today, Kirby and the Lost Land introduces many new features in terms of Play Thanks to the suitability of character transformations, which have also taken on value for exploration and environmental puzzles.

    Features that HAL Laboratory developers have been able to bring into the 3D context of adventure, using one dynamic precision In order to ensure a strong performance that does not break the rhythm of the experience.

    So we go from 1080p to 810p in docked mode, depending on the situation, while in portability the graphics generally remain stable at 720p and on the new model’s OLED screen everything becomes a stunning sight.

    Sure, the new mechanics required some major sacrifices frame rate, limited to 30fps as other first-party productions have yet to ditch 60fps. However, there are absolutely no doubts.

    For more on the game, check out our Kirby and Lost Land review.

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