Kaylee McKeown, what a world record! Titmus shakes up the supremacy of Katie Ledecky 400 sl – OA Sport

      Kaylee McKeown, what a world record!  Titmus shakes up the supremacy of Katie Ledecky 400 sl - OA Sport

    Authentic fireworks in Adelaide on day two of the Olympic swimming trials in Australia. The “Australian” team showed great vitality, and given the Tokyo Games, many athletes are ready to do well and aim for something very prestigious.

    They are definitely part of the list Kylie McKeown e Ariarn Titmus. 19-year-old Redcliffe’s home country hit the home ticket to Japan in a big way, setting a new world record for the 100 women’s backstroke at 57 45 (28″ 10-29″ 35), American border improvement الحد Reagan Smith (57 57). A time trial that reinforces the idea of ​​McKeown being among the Olympic gold contenders in this discipline and also in the double distance (200 backstroke) where Margherita Panziera will also be in Tokyo. In addition to the 19-year-old Australian, who qualified for the Olympics Emily Sebom, at 58″ 59 to precede Molly O’Callaghan 58 86 (less than the trial period required by Australia’s Federnuoto, but disqualified due to only two passes).

    For Titmus, the role of “Anti-Katie Ledecky” suits her perfectly. The Australian, today, was an author Second performance ever in the women’s 400 freestyle: A time of 3’56 90 earned him the new national and Commonwealth record, which is very close to Ledecky’s world record (3’56 x 46, swam at the 2016 Rio Olympics). Terrible performance if we consider that the 20-year-old from Launceston was ahead of the US record for up to 350 meters (57 31, 1’57 up 49, 2’57 77). A loud and clear call from Ariarne, ready to conquer the United States and improve the frontiers of the world in Japan. Behind him qualified for Tokyo Tamsin Cook (4’04″ 10).

    Speaking of other races, Important signals came from 100 females on the chest. victory went to Chelsea Hodges (1’05″ 99) ahead of Jessica Hansen (1’06 69). For both, there is Olympic qualification, and swimming is a great time experience, but it is worse than the one recorded in 2021 by Martina Carraro (1″ 05″ 86) Yes Ariana Castiglioni (1’05″ 98) to convey the idea. The goal is centered on Mitch Larkin In the men’s 100 backstroke: a test with not very high technical content since the Australian won 53 40 “normal” and was the only one respecting the limits imposed by Australian Federnuoto, given Isaac Cooper He finished second with a time of 53 49.

    finally, Kyle Chalmers finishes in the 200m freestyle: The Olympic 100 sl champion in Rio showed that he was also able to come out strong in this test, winning in 1’45” 48 and was never matched by the 400 sl winner in these trials Elijah Winnington (1’45″ 55). A final with very high swimming characteristics as we found ourselves third in the top four Thomas Neal At 1’45″ 70 H Alex Graham At 1’45″ 71. Only sixth Mac Horton At 1’46″ 33.

    Photo: La Presse

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