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    by Francesco Pioppi

    “We have to play a serious game, that acts as a bridge between the last regular season and allows us to start our playoff adventure with the right conditions. After two straight months of double-commitment, for the first time we had a full week available, which we used to do specific work that also allows the boys to recharge “I look forward to seeing the fruits of this work, which will continue next week to reach the playoffs with as much energy as possible.”

    At 8.45pm Balkanastro Regiana will host the Fortitudo Bologna in the final match of the tournament, and in Coach Caja’s first sentence “we have to play a serious match” there is a little bit of substance. By beating ‘Effie’ who has already relegated arithmetic after the defeat against Napoli, the Red and White actually have a chance to close the seventh place which means facing Olympia Milan in the qualifiers, and above all it will give an excellent chance to play the Champions League or the third European Cup . It will be a decisive step towards the gradual growth that the company is planning as well as the best way to close the tournament that has so far been conducted in an excellent manner and results beyond expectations. The prospect of a sixth place finish is gone once and for all with Sassari’s victory over Virtus Bologna in recovery on Friday night, but that’s fine too. But today’s slip threatens to slip Reggio to eighth and thus against Bellinelli and his teammates in the first round of qualifying. Fortitudo, as previously mentioned, is already an A2 athlete and will not have playmaker Gabriel Durham, who fled to the US without saying anything to the company, nor Gabriel Procida, the young Italian talent in the NBA orbit who will remain in the pits Because of a problem in the left knee. But be careful, because it is the classic trap game that red and white should not underestimate. Playing without losing anything else, as coach Martino’s team will do, can be an advantage at times and “Fossa dei Leoni” will remain alongside biancoblu with nearly two thousand fans. There should be no voltage drop.

    The quintet should now be classic Unahotels, made up of Cinciarini, Larson, Strautins, Johnson and Hopkins while the Bolognese could see Fantinelli, Frazier, Aradori, Charalampopoulos and Groselle.

    He will run the triple challenge made up of Lo Guzzo, Nicolini and Pierantozzi and will be broadcast on Discovery+. We need a serious match and then we can think “calmly” about the qualifiers.

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