Juventus, Allegri’s team for Verona: three absences due to injury

    Juventus, Allegri’s team for Verona: three absences due to injury

    After the national hiatus, L.N Juventus Time to get back on the pitch in Serie A against him Verona. In light of the match to be played at the Allianz Stadium, scheduled for 20:45 this morning, Saturday 1 April, the Bianconeri have informed the list of players. summoned branched from Massimiliano Allegri. As already announced by the coach at the press conference, Church, Bonucci And Pogba I am forced to concede.

    Juventus, Allegri’s team for Verona

    Allegri was expecting on the eve of Juventus that there would be three absent due to injury – in addition to long-term patient Caio Jorge -: bonucciAnd Pogba And church. in list 21 summoned They are also missing Paredes And Rabiot, both are not eligible. They are back Alex SandroAnd mereti And Melek – Recovered during the national hiatus – while Asma was among the youngest SullyAnd Ealing Jr And Parnicia.

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