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Just Climb gym! Opens its doors to Reggio Emilia: 17 meters of pure adrenaline

  Just Climb gym!  Opens its doors to Reggio Emilia: 17 meters of pure adrenaline

The region’s highest wall climbing gym has opened in the Campovolo district. President Marco Lazzani: “A project born of the passion of 34 friends”

Reggio Emilia. The entrance is the entrance to a communal gym complete with a bar and changing rooms to the side. However, once you enter one of the two rooms used for climbing, you cannot remain indifferent: a tower of color dominates the area, with shades of color representing different support points according to the route and difficulty.

“Just climb!” Opens its doors to Reggio Emilia: 17 meters of pure adrenaline

It opens tomorrow on Caduti delle Reggiane – a few meters from Campovolo – Just Climb! , a gym with a height of 17 meters making it the highest in the entire Emilia-Romagna: 1470 square meters where you can climb in complete safety, using the four walls and experimenting with different disciplines.

«The project – explains Marco Lazzani, President of Reggio Emilia Climbing Srl – was born in 2019 when a group of friends tried to turn their passion into an activity. Thirty-four Reggio members have invested out of their own pockets to build this space dedicated exclusively to climbing. Obviously the epidemic has slowed everything down, but now we are there and over the weekend we expect a lot of people for the two-day open day.”

From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (reservation required), qualified coaches will actually make for newcomers to the sport and enthusiasts trying out equipment, from climbing a rope ramp to a 100-meter sprint.

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The famous ribbon is scheduled to be cut on Sunday at 12 o’clock in the presence of the authorities.

«This building is state-of-the-art, purpose-built and designed only and not adapted; We are particularly sensitive to the issue of sustainability, which is why we installed photovoltaic panels; This is also the only space in Italy that is fully air-conditioned: it will allow members to train in the summer at acceptable temperatures.”

Climbing is a sport on the rise, just think that it made its debut at the last Olympics. Nationally, a net increase in membership is expected in the coming years, reaching Paris 2024, raising the qualitative average with a dream of reaching the medal.

Reggio’s innovative structure has already attracted the national team, which sees our city as a reference point in preparation for events.

Among the athletes who wear the blue jersey, there is also Reggiano, Ruperez Matteo Bachire.

“My father took these tests out of passion – he confirms – one day I also tried them and from there I started this adventure that became my job.”

Once he graduated, the 20-year-old joined the course to become a coach and develop himself. He trains every day, at the moment in Rubera even if this arena only interests him: “Young teams in the national team start at 14-15, I participated in the first Italian matches and they were doing well, so I got to that greatest. Paris 2024 Olympics? It would be great…”.

Managers are already considering various facilities to engage people of all ages in what, according to those directly involved, is defined as a “democratic” sport capable of not excluding anyone.

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