June 2, Amazon Super offers Made in Italy products: the best discounts

    June 2, Amazon Super offers Made in Italy products: the best discounts

    On the occasion of the Italian Republic Day, Amazon.co.uk I fired Made in Italy days: From May 30 to June 2 Jef Bezos’ e-commerce offers a catalog of products from books to furniture, through accessories, bags, clothing, jewelry, creams, body care, foods and supplies for dogs, cats and children, to celebrate Made in Italy.

    Awaiting Amazon Prime Day 2022 scheduled for July, Made in Italy Days of Amazon are a great opportunity to save on furniture, on the best summer clothes and on cosmetics and branded products made in Italy, and on premium Italian production.

    Here are the best deals, how they work and what to buy.

    Amazon Days Made in Italy: Best deals for June 2

    Let’s start with the fashion and accessories shows, where we find handbags for every occasion, men’s belts, socks and jewelry from Italian companies, beautiful and of high quality. If you need to give a gift for a birthday or any other occasion (including retirement!), here are some great and creative ideas:

    Home & Kitchen Items: Amazon Days Made in Italy Deals

    Offered on Amazon from May 30 to June 2, there is also the popular coffee machine BialettiThe historic Piedmontese company that represents Italian creativity in the world. The aluminum coffee maker is available in many bright colors and in 3 sizes: for 1 cup, for 3 cups and for 6 cups.

    It is not just a bottle, but a real, elegant and original design object. produced by Jezzinei, an Italian company active since 1912, the clear plastic water bottle can be carried on the go, in bags and backpacks, or used at home to bring water to the table or keep it close at hand on bedside tables and desks for moments of need.

    Room diffusers are indispensable for creating a pleasant scent in rooms in the home and offices. This is with white musk Millfiore Milanone of Italy’s most popular home perfume brands, blends the freshness of white flowers with the spicy spices of cloves and anise.

    Choosing fresh, beautiful, colorful and natural fiber sheets in summer is a great way to enjoy the hottest season of the year to the fullest. Made in Italy fitted sheet with printed balloons is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to the bedroom.

    Best deals on furniture

    Amazon Made in Italy days are an excellent opportunity to furnish your home while saving little, choosing beautiful and high-quality paintings, furniture and furniture accessories, the hallmarks of Made in Italy. paintings Giallobos, prints made on wood panels, artisanally crafted in the company’s laboratory in Italy. From a portrait of Frida Kahlo to Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Bansky, there is something for all tastes and artistic styles.

    Choosing the right ceiling lamp is not easy. A good starting point can be to choose a product that is 100% handmade made in Italy, with a simple and elegant design and offers a wide choice in terms of colors. This one from Imperato Illuminazione shown on Amazon through June 2 has a hand-rolled lampshade with fabric in 12 color options, perfect for enhancing both classic and modern environments.

    Sturdy, beautiful and easy to assemblewall hanger Modular tree branches Foppapedretti Consists of a 3-handle unit for hanging jackets, coats and bags. The company has been a leader in the wood products sector for the home and has been synonymous with quality, functionality and safety for 70 years.

    If you want to bring a touch of color to the environment with a colorful and distinctive piece of furniture,Guzzini wall clock A site from designer Ugo Nespolo is just what you need to decorate any room, from the kitchen to the office.

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