Judo, demure Martina Esposito and on the podium at the Grand Slam -70kg in Tbilisi! – OA Sports

    Judo, demure Martina Esposito and on the podium at the Grand Slam -70kg in Tbilisi!  – OA Sports

    The curtain fell The second day of the Judo Grand Slam in Tbilisi (Georgia)the fourth of the season a trip around the worldvalid for Ranking of the Olympic qualifiers in Paris 2024. The Georgian capital is the North Star of Tatami Weekend and the results are significant, given that Doha World Cup (7-14 May) They get closer and closer.

    On stage today are the following weight categories: -73 kg and 81 kg men; -63 kg and -70 kg for women. They were there to race well eight blues: Carola Paysone (63), Flavia Favorini (63), Martina Esposito (70), Erin Pedrotti (70), Gabriel Soule (73), Edward Milla (73), Leonard Casaglia (81) and Giacomo Gamba (81). Well, after yesterday’s podiums of Veronica Toniolo and Matteo Peras, The top 3 reached by Martina Esposito mentioned.

    The 21-year-old Italian, already third at last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, repeated the same arrangement, at the end of convincing course at -70 kg. Judoka Bill Paese scored a goal against the Indian Inunganbi Takhellambam and Irish Rachel Hookswas defeated in the final of their group by the Greeks Elisavet Telseido (double waza-ari). However, Esposito was very adept at outshooting the talented Frenchwoman in the later tournaments Kayla Al-Issofi (double waza-ari), playing against the British Kelly Peterson Pollard. Thanks to waza-ari, our standard bearer surprised the representative of the United Kingdom, and got a very important result, considering 500 points for the Olympic ranking.

    It should also be emphasized in response to Martina’s shoulder problem, as explained by Coach Blue Francis Brewer:”There are medals and medals and today it is worth 10. One minute after the end Martina dislocated her shoulder and after returning it alone she got up to face her opponent… In that long minute under excessive pressure from the Englishman and her shoulder went out twice more, but Martina continued to painstakingly direct her arm to keep her opponent away. .. She won a match showing uncommon heart and personality! We had no doubt that she was a warrior, and going to such lengths is for the champions. Infinite congratulations to you and the Carabinieri Sports Centre“.

    Speaking instead of Pedrotti, the other Italian was defeated in the first round by the Brazilian Luana Carvalho (waza-ari). The victory went to the Greek TeltsisouWho won the final match against the Dutch Sunny Van Dyck. The German was also on the podium Giovanna Scoccimaro.

    Nie -63 kg Paysoni He emerged victorious from the confrontation with the Koreans joyeon lee (Three shido) before surrendering to the Israeli Inbal Shemesh, who with waza-ari ended the path of our standard bearer. More convincing than I did Deeds: Indian local judo referee Sunibala Devi Hoidrum (three shido), then folded a qualified athlete like the Portuguese Barbara Timo, the world silver medalist in 2019 and winner of the Grand Slam in Paris two years ago. Unfortunately, Flavia was forced to raise the white flag in front of the Australian Katrina Hacker In the quarter-finals (waza-ari). Favorini went to the replay, but the meeting with the British Gemma Howell Our standard bearer was not satisfied. In this case the British were the best Lucy Renshalland scored in the last season against Kosovo Laura Fazelio. In the top 3 also the aforementioned Katrina Hacker and poles Angelica Szymanska.

    Coming to the men’s weight category -73 kg Gabriel SouleAfter defeating the French Guillaume Chainehe had to deal with the Georgian fort Lasha Shavdatuashvili, Grand Slam winner this year in Paris and Olympic gold medalist in London 2012. Three shidos cost Sully dearly. Little to do for Mila, too, who capitulated before the Azeris Nariman Mirzayev (waza-ari / ippon). Class smiled for Mongolians Erdenebayar Batzaya.

    completing the speech by about 81 kilograms, man Beat the American Kell Berliner by waza-ari-awasete-ippon, having already previously scored an excellent catch (waza-ari), but then being defeated by the German Timo Cavilios (three shido). Immediate exit for Casaglia, folded by the Georgian Dimitri Guchiladze (waza-ari). Statement from the Austrian Wachid Borchashvili.

    Photo: IJF

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