Judgment on postage to pay insurance with interest: the case

    Il buono fruttifero postale emesso in lire che ora vale una fortuna

    Poste Italiane decided to give her 28 thousand euros instead of the 65 thousand euros she was owed, but the judge agreed with her. the Turin court orders the post office to find out the time owed to the saver, holder of a postage coupon with interest that he had bought in 1989, worth 5 million pounds, and after 30 years decided to collect it. The ruling came at the end of a long-running lawsuit, and could set an important precedent for all those waiting to see the returns of their post-1986 interest-bearing bonds paid.

    Postal Coupon with Interest Issued in Pounds Now That’s a Fortune: Controversy Over Rates of Return

    From that moment, in fact, a misunderstanding was born that prompted thousands of citizens to start disputes with the Italian Post Office. Beginning in 1986, the “Q” series of 30-year investment products began to be released, with lower rates of return than previous products, which were designated with the letter “P”.

    Despite this, for years post offices continued to use forms intended for old, high returns, simply stamping them with the letter “Q” to denote new lower returns.

    Postal interest coupon issued in lira which is now worth a fortune: an opportunity

    However, the change would only be valid for the first twenty years of return, therefore, while Poste counts the last ten years at lower rates (at 8-9 – 10.5 and 12%), at the time of payment, to the coupon owner, the amount was instead a result Previous returns (i.e. 9-11-13 and 15%), 26 times higher than the amount set by the company (here we wrote about Spid became paid).

    Almost three thousand citizens in 2020 found themselves in the same situation as a Turin saver who decided to resort to bank arbitration, Get a positive judgment (Here we wrote about New tax on Postepay accounts).

    Despite the wrong posture, Anyway, the Italian Post Office decided not to pay the higher amounts, believing that there are verdicts of different courts in his favour, too.

    At this point, for many interest-bearing bondholders, there is nothing to do but contact the regular judge in civil proceedings (here to learn more about bogus bonds).ms of Poste hides an account wipe scam).

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