Jordan Peele and Donald Glover: Horror and Comedy to Tell Black America Today

    Jordan Peele and Donald Glover: Horror and Comedy to Tell Black America Today

    Our focus is in comparing Jordan Peele, in cinemas with his third film No, and Donald Glover, who will return with the final season of Atlanta: Two Different But Similar Worlds to make the social satire of Black America today.

    Marking the release of Jordan Peele’s highly anticipated third film, No, from August 11 to cinemas in Italy and the fourth and final season of Atlanta, created and starring Donald Glover, on September 14th on FX – soon also here on Disney+ Star – we wanted to think about what unites The unique and original look of Jordan Peele and Donald Glover to tell Black America today. “Write about what you know‘ said an article, and the authors on everyone’s lips seem to have just made this teaching.

    Jordan Peele da Scappa – Get Out a Nope: Horror & Comedy

    Nobi Kiki Palmer Daniel Kaluuya

    Both: Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya in one scene

    Born in 1979, Jordan Peele began his career as a stand-up comedian and on television, specifically on the Crazy and Very Bad graphic shows MADtv and Key and Peele, with fellow college mate Keegan Michael Key. Then he cut his teeth and made a name above all else behind the camera as one of the most famous and interesting directors in contemporary horror. In 2017 with Scappa – Get Out, thanks to which he won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, he proposed a fierce satire of American society today, and above all the racism that makes its way undisturbed. To do this, he used the same tool with which he knows well: laughter, in this case, bitter, even very bitter, which has thus become a contemporary horror. That stifled laughter and suffering brought back, if we wanted more horror, back in Noi nel 2019, where he went to explore the “world below” and the deeper ugliness of the human soul. In the latest, Nope has soared into space, as well as honoring cinema in its purest form and playing on the simplest, near-crazy entertainment that characterized his early career, with two distinctly blacks and emphatically the VIPs. .

    No: We explain what the monkey Jordy means in the Jordan Peele movie

    Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone

    The Twilight Zone: A promotional image of Jordan Peele

    Meanwhile, Peele has also attempted to rewrite a cult sci-fi like At the Edge of Reality with The Twilight Zone (2019-2020 on CBS All Access now Paramount+) as he puts himself in the shoes of Rod Serling and updates scenarios and themes specifically for black America. . More generally for minorities today, with the first episode acting as a bridge between his two functions, a stand-up comedian who has the power to make anyone who doesn’t appreciate his satire disappear. In both, the world of film and television (the flashbacks of the monkey Gordy) meet and collide: here Bell even mocks the origins of cinema and the first horse on the big screen tamed by a black man; Domesticated like “monkeys” – as blacks have often been seen throughout history – and like horses, so dear to the two heroes and their farm in the middle of nowhere. In addition to a few appearances as an actor on some shows, Peele has also made his contribution as a horror screenwriter for films like Candyman and BlacKkKlansman and as a TV producer for series like Hunters and Lovecraft Country, confirming that phil rouge of social condemnation in the actions in which he participated.

    Noi e Scappa – Get Out: Jordan Peele in America, Between Metaphor and Horror

    Donald Glover From Society to Atlanta: Satire and Comedy

    Society: Donald Glover and Danny Body in the episode of Rebel

    Society: Donald Glover and Danny Body in the episode of Rebel

    It is interesting to note how the background of the authors mentioned in this article is similar but different. Born in 1983, Donald Glover is also of comedic origins, although he was born around the same time as a rapper who rose to prominence on the 2000s scene after winning four Grammys with This Is America, the first song of its kind to win the award. A coveted figurine as Song of the Year and Record of the Year. He achieved success on television first thanks to the role of Troy Barnes in Society – one of the most subversive, niche and most famous comedies of recent years – which already contributed to the play on TV and meta-narrative thanks to partner-in-crime Danny Boody as the cinema-loving Abed, then managed to Create, produce and star in his own TV series, Atlanta. Geographically located directly from the name to speak of the sprawl for the whole of America, it is a satirical and conspicuous reflection in the form of political, musical, and social satire on the meaning of nonsense In the United States, especially for the black population and the modern and contemporary rap scene.

    Atlanta: The Best Comedy of Recent Years Tells Us About Rap and Black Culture Like Never Before

    Atlanta 3 Donald Glover

    Atlanta 3: Donald Glover in a photo from the series

    Then the tragic aspect of daily life returns, especially for those who live their daily lives and do not reach the end of the month, and then move on to periods of excess. Earnest (Glover) and Paper Boy (Brian Tyree Henry) heroes of Atlanta, remember the Nope heroes (Daniel Kaluuya and Kiki Palmer), who seek fame and appear (literally and figuratively) to make ends meet, because otherwise there is no other way out. It is no coincidence that the season 3 premiere in Atlanta is about a storyline, in condemning the flaws of the American adoption system and the racism of the many people who present themselves as a loving, exemplary and generous family, focused on everything. On the horror side of the story through comedy, very bitter. For his part, Glover also knows the musical side well thanks to his “alter ego”. Childish GambinoUnder his pseudonym, he released four albums: Camp (2011), Because the Internet (2013), “Wake up, my love!” (2016) and 3.15.20 (2020). Thanks to Atlanta which ends in September in the US and has been shot Back to back Along with the third episode of episodes, it won record awards for a play of this genre: two Golden Globes for Best Comedy and Best Actor, and two Emmy Awards for Best Actor and Best Director. Glover was also so prized as a young Lando Calrissian in the underappreciated independent film Solo: A Star Wars Story, that many still demand an occasional discussion of him (confirmed by Disney at Investors Day 2020. Then more candidate). Could social satire masquerade as comedy (after all, it should be written by Justin Simien of Dear White People) again in the manner, would Mandalorian say?

    Solo, Atlanta 2, and This is America: Why Donald Glover is the Person of the Moment

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